Kate Middleton Just Rewore An Outfit From 2017 & You Totally Didn't Notice

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As it turns out, maybe royal family members are just like you when it comes to their fashion. Okay, maybe not, but Kate Middleton rewore her purple Oscar de la Renta suit from 2017. Sure, you probably dont' have a plethora of the high-end designer house's clothing in your closet, but at least, like you, Middleton seems to have embraced a signature style.

On Wednesday, Middleton stepped out to visit the costume department of the Royal Opera House where she was set to learn about how the department uses textiles in their work and the scale of what they do for the opera house. Then, she'd meet specifically with ballet dancers about their costumes. Given that Middleton's whole day at the opera basically revolved about costume and fashion, it's basically impossible to ignore hers.

Middleton chose to re-wear a vibrant purple Oscar de la Renta skirt suit to the engagement, and it's not the first time royal fashion fans have seen it. According to Elle, the Duchess of Cambridge also wore the suit back in 2017 when she and Prince William attended the UK Guild of Health Writers conference. Considering that the suit is two years old, it's not really shoppable, but shopping an Oscar de la Renta skirt suit is probably out of the vast majority of people's budget.

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One of the most interesting things about the skirt suit is its color. The vibrant purple is unexpected by royal standards with the Duchess seeming to typically go for more neutral tones. Plus, it comes just a few days after Middleton's sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, also stepped out in a gorgeous purple dress.

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While Markle and Middleton's choice of color may be the same, the way they chose to wear it is quite different. The Duchess of Cambridge's look may have been disparate from her typical choices in that she chose to wear such a bright color, but the one thing the ensemble does make clear is that she's definitely got a signature when it comes to royal engagements.

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Middleton's look is typically conservative, but the one thing that seems to hold true is that even when mixing and matching separates like her Oscar de la Renta skirt suit she wore today, she almost always keeps her look monochromatic.

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In fact, back in November, Middleton wore a Paule Ka skirt suit to a meeting with neuroscientist at University College London where she spoke with researchers who work with childhood development and mental health. For the visit, she chose another skirt suit, and like her Oscar de la Renta re-wear, she didn't mix colors or patterns.

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Just because Middleton's looks tend toward the monochromatic (she is married to the future king of England after all), it doesn't mean that she doesn't through in a few gems. Her red tartan skirt was definitely holiday inspo, and her most recent polka dot dress was a great and still conservative choice for the Duchess.

Whether you love Middleton's skirt suits and monochromatic choices or not, it's still hard to deny that Middleton's style is all her own and definitely iconic.