Kate Middleton's Brother Now Has A Public Instagram Filled With So Many Cute Dog Pics

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James Middleton may not be a part of the British royal family like his sister, but he just pulled a royally major move. According to People, Kate Middleton's brother, James Middleton, made his Instagram public recently. Considering how private the Middleton family is, it's definitely an interesting turn of events for the duchess' younger sibling.

It's unclear exactly when Middleton made his Instagram account public. But, based off of his many posts, it's clear that he's been active on the social media site since 2013. But, until now, the account ("@jmidy") could only be accessed by approved followers. You won't find any photos of the Duchess of Cambridge or her growing royal family on his Instagram account, which makes sense given the royals' lack of private social media accounts. If you were interested in seeing anther one of Middleton's family members on his feed, you're in luck.

In June 2014, Middleton posted a couple of photos featuring his other sister, Pippa Middleton. The photos marked a special occasion for them, as the siblings engaged in the "Race Across America" event in the United States, according to ABC News. During the race, they traveled from San Diego, California to Annapolis, Maryland via bike and raised money along the way for charities such as the British Heart Foundation.

Other than his fun pics with his sister, Middleton has posted a ton of exciting photos on his Instagram feed that have highlighted everything from his adorable dog, Ella, to his business venture, Boomf.

JMidy & Ella

His dog Ella, who interestingly enough is the mother of the Duchess of Cambridge's dog Lupo, is pretty much the star of his Instagram feed. Whether the pup is helping her owner out at work or posing with him in the pool, it's clear that Ella has taken center stage in Middleton's heart and on his Instagram.

A Celebrity Boomf

Many of his Instagram posts have to do with his business, Boomf, which is a company that creates personalized marshmallow bites. As you can see in one of Middleton's posts, even Rebel Wilson got in on the Boomf fun, as she tweeted about receiving some special treats from an "admirer."

Going On Adventures

On more than one occasion, Middleton has highlighted his many adventures on Instagram, from his fishing trips to his ski excursions. In one of his snaps, he can be seen piloting a plane. Maybe he's taking a page out of Prince William's book?

He's Got The Jokes

That's right, everything about this photo, from the cute little lamb to Middleton's sense of humor, is so sweet.

His Latest Post

Middleton's most recent post was actually pretty recent. On Dec. 31, 2018, he posted a photo of his pup, Ella, who recently became a Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog. "Proud of Ella becoming a PAT dog this year. Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, or safety and divert attention away from a stressful situation and toward one that provides pleasure," he captioned the photo, and also added, "I am a huge believer in this & Ella has done so much for me and we look forward to sharing the love, Timmy tickles and many visits in 2019."

Now that Middleton's Instagram account is public, you can likely expect even more posts filled with exciting adventures, marshmallow goodies, and tons of adorable dog snaps.