Kate Spade Reportedly Left Four Season's Worth Of Designs For Her Fashion Label

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Days after iconic designer Kate Spade died at age 55, her designs began selling out at rapid paces. But it has just been revealed that there might be more collections to indulge in. Kate Spade has left four season's worth of designs for Frances Valentine, meaning people will have more chances to stock up on those preppy, cheerful designs.

When Spade, who went by Kate Valentine toward the end of her life, sold her namesake label to Neiman Marcus in 2006 to focus more on her family, she opened a new design house named Frances Valentine nearly a decade later, named after her daughter. The new brand created everything from structured leather totes, to beaded jewelry, to colorful thong sandals, bringing the designer's preppy style to her fans once again. You could find everything from two-tone bucket bags to beaded statement earrings, letting you explore a girly aesthetic that seemed like the little sister to the original Kate Spade label.

But after Spade passed most of the designs sold out, and the brand promised to restock some of the styles in the upcoming weeks — but there was no telling what would happen with future collections.

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Then on June 13, it was announced that Spade had stored up four season's worth of designs that the label will honor by producing. After the passing of their founder, Frances Valentine has stayed relatively quiet, posting a memorial photo of Spade onto their homepage along with a message that said, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend and founder, Kate Valentine Spade, who will remain in our hearts forever."

Now they will be able to pay tribute to her in a whole new way by producing the late designer's concepts.

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Elyce Arons, a close friend of Spade's and Frances Valentine's managing partner, shared in an interview with Business Insider the big news. Arons revealed that not only has Spade left behind finished work for future seasons, but also an "abundant library of her concepts." So even after her finished designs are produced, the label can continue to create styles authentic to Spade's vision thanks to these concept sketches.

"We don't know what the future holds for us, but we are determined to continue to make her beautiful work live on through Frances Valentine," Arons shared. "We will be stronger for her, more connected to each other through her."

Arons also touched on how the label has been swamped with emails and phone calls about people's emotional connection to the designer, and what her designs have meant to them throughout the years.

Shortly after hearing about her passing, thousands of fans took to Twitter to share their stories about the designer, some of which were famous celebs.

Chelsea Clinton remembered how she got her first Kate Spade handbag in college from her grandmother, connecting to the memory of how many young women experienced their first designer bag through Spade's designs.

Lena Dunham reminisced how her handbags were a staple at the Bat Mitzvah circuit growing up, and later in grown up women's closets. Spade made people feel beautiful and sophisticated with her designs, which is why so many wanted to pay tribute to her.

Mindy Kaling touched on how cheerful and bold her designs were, which helped people find the "twinkly person" inside them. It was impossible not to feel uplifted when walking into one of her boutiques, which is what made people love her.

While there's no telling where Frances Valentine will go in the upcoming years, fans can be certain that the next few seasons will be created in Spade's vision, letting them cherish her unique style for a little bit longer.

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