'Southern Charm's Kathryn Is Breaking Her Silence On Rehab

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Rebecca Miller/Bravo)

Bravo really knows how to bring the reality drama and Southern Charm demonstrates this better than almost any other show out there. Fans had been waiting almost an entire year after an explosive third season that ended with a shocking allegation that Kathryn Dennis failed a drug test. A lot of speculation and rumors were thrown around in the time before the Season 4 premiere last week, but in a sneak peek from the April 10 Southern Charm episode, Kathryn revealed she did fail a drug test, and she decided to attend rehab to get help. (You can watch the video clip here.)

During the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion, there were obviously bound to be fireworks between Landon and Kathryn. Throughout the season, the two had been at serious odds over Landon's suddenly close relationship with Thomas, and the below-the-belt jabs between them had been flying for months on the show and on social media. During the reunion, fans were shocked when in response to one of their sparring matches, Landon announced that Kathryn had recently failed a court-ordered drug test. At the time, Kathryn denied it, even as Landon encouraged Thomas to "show some documents" on the air. Of course, when Season 4 premiered, the first episode confirmed that Kathryn had indeed failed a drug test and Thomas had temporary full custody of their two children.

On Monday, April 10 at 9 p.m. ET, fans will finally hear Kathryn's side of the story, which is necessary amidst all of the other parties weighing in on what should be a private matter. In the clip from the episode, Kathryn pays a visit to the constant voice of reason on Southern Charm, Danni, and fills her in on her whole ordeal from the previous year. While sitting outside on Danni's dock, Kathryn opens up to her about attending a rehab facility in California. About her struggle, Kathryn remarks that she feels, "Not only embarrassed ... humiliated and ashamed. I mean, all of those, combined. It's the most disappointed that I have ever felt in myself in my entire life."

Danni, of course, responds sweetly by telling Kathryn that she is "so proud" of her. Kathryn then explains how when things got bad, her mother told her that there was a plane ticket ready for her if she wanted to take it. She immediately agreed to get the help they were offering, packed her bags and was gone by early morning the next day.

Of course, this meant Kathryn was completely without her two children and it obviously took a huge toll on the young mother. In the clip, she tells Danni that she would just burst into tears and collapse on the floor in California when she thought about her babies. Now that she is back, she says it has been incredibly hard to transition from seeing them everyday, to not seeing them at all, since Thomas currently has custody.

It looks like we will get a lot more insight into what happened with Kathryn this season on Southern Charm. I am just glad that she finally gets to tell things from her side of the story. With children involved, rumor and speculation have no part here. Hopefully, she is in a good place now, because I am certainly rooting for her to come out on top.