Landon & Thomas Should Date On 'Southern Charm'

Paul Cheney/Bravo

In the Season 4 Southern Charm premiere, Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements were looking awfully cozy together, despite denying all of last season that there was nothing between them. Will Landon and Thomas date on Southern Charm? Well, probably not right off the bat. That's why that handy "three months earlier" thing happened during the premiere. We're not going to get to see any possible feelings develop for awhile.

During one of the first conversations of the season between Landon and Thomas, Landon asked Thomas what would make his life complete, since he has the kids and the money already, and he said that he wants someone to share his life with — a partner. Then, they made eyes at each other. Sure, it could be editing, or they could be mildly in love with each other and will eventually get together. Currently on the show, Thomas is having custody issues with Kathryn (she just got out of rehab, so it’s complicated), and Landon is not-seriously dating a very hot 25-year-old and also could still be in love with Shep. But Landon and Thomas are meant to be, and I’ll go to the mat with that one.

So why are they not together when it’s clear that they get along so well? Who knows? It could be the optics of everyone thinking that they had already hooked up and wanting to steer clear of “I told you so.” It could have an effect on Thomas’ custody battle. Landon may not be 100 percent over Shep yet (it is possible to have feelings for more than one person). There are myriad reasons, but I maintain that their temperaments, personalities, and interests (talk about blue bloods) make them a great match. You guys go ahead and figure out your relationship on Southern Charm — I’ll wait here.