Kathryn Passes Her Drug Test On 'Southern Charm' & She's Dedicated To Getting Her Kids Back

Rebecca Miller/Bravo

Southern Charm has been extremely intense and we are only two episodes into this season. The topic of Kathryn and Thomas' custody battle resulting from Kathryn's stint in rehab has been a major topic of contention and it appears that it will only get more dramatic from here. During the Season 4 premiere, we learned that Kathryn had failed a drug test, which resulted in her temporarily losing custody of her two children to Thomas. At the end of that same episode, fans saw her walk into a building to take another test. On Monday's Southern Charm Kathryn passed her drug test and is working on regaining custody of her two babies.

One of the main requirements for Kathryn to get custody of her children again, or to see them at all, hinged on her ability to pass a drug test. It is really good to hear that she was able to do that because regardless of your opinion about her on the show, a mother being separated from her children is really a tragic situation, and it is obvious that Kathryn adores her babies. She spoke at length with Danni about how distressing it was to be away from them when she entered rehab in California.

I don't think it will be smooth sailing for Kathryn and Thomas' relationship from this point on, but I hope they can figure out something that works for everyone. If Kathryn is really doing her part to get healthy and take responsibility for her mistakes, then he should be willing to work for her for the sake of the children.