Katie & Schwartz Argue At A Paint Store On 'Pump'

by Kristie Rohwedder
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

And the Ballad of the Bubbas continues. On the back-to-back party extravaganza that was Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, the show’s soon-to-be-married couple had to run a quick errand before the festivities could commence: Katie was to swing by to a paint store to grab some swatches for her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, and Tom Schwartz would tag along. It was a simple task, something they'd finish up hours before they would head to Tom Sandoval's fund-rager. An easel breezy mission.

All we have to do is park the car, walk in the store, pick up the swatches Lisa asked for, get in the car, and go home, I imagine Katie and Schwartz said in unison before embarking on this quest. Maybe we'll stop for food on the way home. It will be a cinch. What can go wrong in a paint store?

Fate had something very different in mind. As Katie scanned the rows and rows of samples, searching for the perfect “dirty pink,” Schwartz grumbled and groaned. He slumped down into one of the wooden chairs in the middle of the small shop. As Katie continued to look for shades of pink that would please Lisa, she and Schwartz began to snipe at one another.

And before I knew it, they were yelling at each other about the previous day's bridal shower, Schwartz opting to go to the bar instead of hauling gifts from Katie’s car, how drunk Katie was or wasn’t the night before, how drunk Schwartz was or wasn’t the night before, how they act when they’re drunk, and what they text each other when they're drunk. And then, Schwartz called Katie a b*tch. Multiple times.

Oh, zoinks. Zoinks, zoinks, zoinks.

This prompted Katie to walk out of the paint shop, get in her car, and begin to drive away. But before she could peel out onto the main street, she idled in front of the storefront. Schwartz leaned against a street sign and asked her to let it go. Instead, Katie hit the gas pedal, leaving Schwartz to fend for himself and call Uber.

Or so we thought. Later that night, Katie told Lisa that she didn't drive a block before Schwartz called her to apologize. So, she turned around and scooped up her stranded fiancé. And that night, Schwartz and Katie went to the fund-rager together. Just as they planned. Like the paint store argument never transpired.

The dirty pink paint spat wouldn't get the best of the future Mr. and Mrs. Tequila-Bubbas. No SUR-ee.