Katy Perry Says "Bon Appetit" To NYC Fans

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Disco balls are fun, but I think everyone can agree that pie is better. According to Entertainment Weekly, the always creative Katy Perry handed out cherry pie in Times Square on Friday to promote her new single "Bon Appétit." The pop star came prepared with a food truck called "World's Best Cherry Pie," and she spent the afternoon interacting with her fans, who not only got to see Perry channeling her inner food truck owner, but walked away with a delicious treat too.

This is just the latest promotional event Perry has masterminded to advertise the songs from her upcoming fourth full-length album. Earlier in the year, she had disco balls chained in public spaces around the world for her fans to find and be among the first to hear "Chained to the Rhythm." While Perry has yet to reveal when her new album will be released, KatyCats have to be wondering what the musician will do next.

While fans wait for news on the album release, Perry has officially established herself as queen of the elaborate music drop. Honestly though, "Bon Appétit" is a sexy, summer song that deserves its sweet introduction to the world. With lyrics like, "Appetite for seduction / Fresh out the oven," celebrating with anything less than a warm cherry pie would be downright sinful.

It looks like Perry's fans agree. They took to Twitter to share their snaps of Perry, the food truck, and the tasty pies they got to walk away with — and they definitely appeared to be having a blast.

Seeing Perry just randomly hanging out in a food truck in Times Square had to be a surprise for the people of New York City. But it was definitely a pleasant one for her fans (and fans of pie). It's not a bad way to get the word out about your new single either, as the buzz surrounding Perry's food truck fun proves.

Even if you didn't get a slice of that killer looking pie, you can appreciate the awesomeness that is "Bon Appétit" right now. The sultry song featuring Migos is available on all major platforms, and it's just as tartly sweet as a delicious cherry.