Why ‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Furious Over Tonight’s Veto Competition

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Every once in awhile on Big Brother, a veto competition comes along that seems tailor-made for one (or more) of its contestants. And that's what happened on Wednesday night's episode during a particularly messy contest called Mission to Planet Veto. The game required participants to catch balls (or "vetonium," more appropriately) in a variety of space-themed settings that included goo, rain, and raining goo. So when Kaycee won the veto on BB20, some fans were convinced that she was set up to succeed.

Winning this competition was an important achievement for Kaycee. Not only was this her first time dominating a comp, but if either Fessy or Haleigh had snatched the golden necklace instead, one of them would have escaped the chopping block. But since Kaycee came out on top, she opted not to save either remaining member of FOUTTE/The Hive. As a result, Fayleigh is potentially donezo, and it's just a matter of time before one of them leaves the Big Brother house.

So could Kaycee's win just be a coincidence? Was the fact that the competition centered around catching things just by chance? Not only is the houseguest a professional football player for the San Diego Surge, but one can't help but compare the slo-mo footage of her catching vetonium to an instant replay on ESPN. That being said, Kaycee's not the only athlete in the house. It should be noted that Fessy also played football — albeit on the college level — at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. So the win could have just as easily gone to him — and it nearly did.

At the end of the day, Kaycee came out on top with 33 points, and Fessy was not far behind with 32. And while the pro baller clearly did well in the comp, some are questioning the validity of her win. From the footage Big Brother showed, it was an incredibly close call between the two participants, and it appeared to some like Fessy had more balls in his basket. Could the substitute teacher have made a few more fumbles that just weren't aired, or were Kaycee's numbers deliberately inflated?

Whatever the case, that doesn't mean her victory came easy. The first of three challenges in Mission to Planet Veto was to catch a green wiffle ball that was launched out of a massive, boogery alien. Only Fessy was able to catch anything in this round, since contestants had difficulty seeing through the avalanche of snot. The next portion involved snatching smaller, tennis ball-sized objects that launched randomly and from different directions. Both Fessy and Kaycee's athleticism shined through in this section. As Kaycee pointed out in her DR, she's a professional wide receiver. Catching is literally her job!

The final leg required houseguests to catch rubbery squid in their mouths, which dropped from UFOs hovering above them. Again, Fessy and Kaycee seemed neck-and-neck. So it was anyone's guess as to who had won when Tyler announced the results. And while Kaycee may have won fair and square, could her win been more than just good luck and an iron grip? After all, if Fessy beaten her, then the stakes wouldn't be as high for the upcoming eviction.

However, Kaycee may have simply won fair and square — and her performance was impressive, whether the game was rigged or not. What's more, it's a big deal that a female football player won this competition over a male one. Not to mention the fact that Josh Martinez, the winner of BB19, called fans out for their assumption on Twitter. "People saying this comp was rigged for Kaycee," he wrote." HOWWWWWWW." And who would know whether the show's producers could rig a veto competition more than a former contestant?

So fans may never know if Fessy actually caught more vetronium than Kaycee or if the wide receiver won by the book. But at the end of the day, it's refreshing to see her stop playing defense (as Brett seems so fond of doing) and set her sights on the end zone.