Kelly & Shannon From ‘RHOC' Just Had A Wild Night Out Together & They’re “Sisters” Now

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador have come a long way since Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11. And by the end of Season 12, they were pretty much on good terms. Believe it or not, but they are still enjoying each other's company. Currently, Real Housewives' Kelly and Shannon are really good friends and so close the newfound besties even refer to themselves as "sisters".

The RHOC stars spent Tuesday evening together in Los Angeles and apparently partied pretty hard. Both Kelly and Shannon shared pictures and videos from their night together on Instagram, and, well, their outing was beyond amazing.

Before their latest Instagram stories expire, you really need to check them out. There are videos of them horribly singing '80s songs and it's very obvious they've had a few drinks. Kelly even goes on a rant about how one establishment wouldn't let them inside. She was not happy about it — at all.

It seems that their girls' night out will be featured in Season 13, as Shannon captioned an Instagram of them: "8 hours into filming today,,,, We are two single gals in LA! [winking smiley emoji] #hadanamazingday #sistersinourjourney #lovemyfriend @rhoc_kellydodd! [heart emoji]". Kelly also posted an Instagram of them, which she captioned: "Helping a sister out!! After work drinks #benchwarmers #shannonbeador @craigsla".

First of all, they are clearly both returning for the newest season of RHOC. Why else would they be filming for eight hours? Secondly, eight hours is a long day of filming, but it was obviously all worth it. Who else can't wait to see this footage air? Be sure to also take note of Shannon's caption, where she expressed her love for Kelly and said they are "sisters in our journey".

It's probably safe to say Kelly and Shannon have bonded since announcing their divorces from Michael Dodd and David Beador, respectively. They are going through a difficult journey at the exact same time, which, understandably, can strongly unite two individuals.

When RHOC returns, it's certainly going to be different — and for the better. Kelly and Shannon have been fighting for such a long time. In Season 11, they clashed at Shannon's '70s-themed party, where Kelly said to David, "No wonder why you cheated on your wife."

They had another major argument in Season 12 at The Quiet Woman, when Kelly told Shannon to "keep eating" after struggling with her weight. Shannon got so mad, she threw a dish on the table and caused quite the scene. However, that same season they both decided to move on and keep the past in the past. It's nice to see them putting that negativity behind them and moving forward. You never know how long Housewives are going to remain friends, but as you can see here, they are still going strong.

Their friendship is something RHOC fans are so on board with too. Just check out some of the reactions:

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It's A Little Surprising

Their friendship needs to be celebrated. Kelly and Shannon getting along is a welcome change for RHOC. Their fighting has become tired. Hopefully, now that they are both single and finding common ground over their divorces it means they truly have moved on from their screaming matches.

The fact that they are calling each other "sister" is a really good sign. Maybe, just maybe, Season 13 will be the season that makes RHOC worth watching again. Shannon and Kelly, fans are counting on you both to help make it entertaining.