Kendall Jenner Got A Nerve-Racking Cheer Lesson From Navarro's Finest

Ellen DeGeneres gifted the world with an unexpected reality TV crossover on Thursday, Jan. 30, when the Cheer cast took Kendall Jenner to the mat. In the most recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the chat show host surprised Cheer superfan Jenner when the cast of the hit Netflix docuseries came out to teach her some of their moves. It turns out the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was a cheerleader when she was in high school, but she was quick to point out that her routines weren't nearly as complicated as the ones on the show.

After the break, the model donned a Navarro College top as she prepared to head to the mat. The Navarro College Cheer Team, led by Morgan Simianer, demonstrated a few moves for her and DeGeneres' producer, Andy Lassner, before recruiting the reluctant participants to join the fun. "I know what a thigh-stand is, I think," Jenner said nervously, but when it came time for her to be lifted into the air, the former cheerleader found her school spirit.

Not only did Jenner do the lift, she also spread her arms into a "V" formation and gave a shout of triumph. She may not be ready to do mid-air twists just yet, but the 24-year-old's enthusiasm should earn her a place on the Navarro squad. At the very least, she could join Jerry Harris in offering up mat talk to the rest of the cheerleaders.

Since it premiered on Netflix in early January, Cheer has become one of the most talked about shows of 2020 to date. In addition to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the cast also appeared on Today, and the show was parodied on the Saturday, Jan. 25 episode of Saturday Night Live. The young athletes have gone from students at a small-town community college known for its cheer program to celebrities almost overnight, but they seem to be handling having famous fans like Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and Simone Biles well.

In their interview with Today, the athletes' coach, Monica Aldama, shared why she thinks Cheer is resonating with viewers all over the world. "I think it shows these kids' lives and it shows you that anybody from any background can be a part of the sport," she said. "And it shows you how these kids have overcome so many things and anything life throws at them."

Clearly, Cheer has made quite the impression, and it's bringing a new level of attention to the sport, while also inspiring fans like Jenner to hit the mat themselves — even if it's only for one, triumphant routine.