Kesha's "Hymn" Lyrics Give A Voice To Every Flawed Person Who Has Ever Needed Hope — LISTEN

The streak of stirring anthems continues with the release of Kesha's new single, "Hymn," from Rainbow, her upcoming album due to be released on Aug. 11. The beautiful "Hymn" lyrics make the song another powerful ode to the resilience and strength of women, as exemplified in the album's previous singles, "Praying," "Woman," and "Learn To Let Go." But her lyrics in the new track go a step further by shaking off the idea that she needs forgiveness for anything she's done or the person she's been in the past. Discarding that expectations turns "Hymn" into a celebration of self-love.

Right out of the gate, "Hymn" makes it clear that Kesha is done caring what other people think about her based on what they read in the news:

But this isn't just a message of empowerment for her; Kesha's lyrics send a message of acceptance to anyone who has felt rejected or on the outside, and invites them to join her "team."

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The chorus takes that team of misfits and gives them an anthem that allows them to find power in their outsider status.

By rejecting the idea of needing forgiveness from someone else or needing to apologize for herself, Kesha is reclaiming her agency and fighting back against victim-shaming. "Hymn," like all the singles from Rainbow, is literally about the refusal to let dark moments define who you are. Kesha didn't just write this song for herself: it's clearly dedicated to anyone who has ever faced adversity and perhaps even felt defeated by it.

Indeed, in an essay about the meaning of "Hymn," Kesha told Mic,

I think that's a message all of us can get behind.