Kim K Says A Goth Kardashian Christmas Card Almost Happened & Yes, There Are Pictures

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are always surprises in store whenever the Kardashian-Jenner family is involved. The KUWTK stars always have a few tricks up their sleeves, knowing just how to keep fans guessing. Even the family's Kardashian Christmas Card has fans still talking about the memorable photoshoot, especially now that Kim K just revealed the 2015 card almost had a darker theme.

You had to have been living under a rock if you missed the 2017 Kardashian Christmas photo op. The 25-day photo series had fans losing their minds as they tried to put together pieces of a Kardashian puzzle that was both a total "awww" moment and odd at the same time. The family looked beautiful in casual attire as the photos gave intimate glimpses into their family life. Still, a MIA Kylie, a questionable photoshopped Kendall, and all of the strange closeups of body parts made the KarJenner photoshoot seem weird for many reasons.

Things got even more strange when Kim Kardashian West revealed via Twitter that the distressed mom jeans and plain tees were almost predated with a gothic photoshoot in 2015.

Vampy lips, bangs, and latex almost made it to a Kardashian Kristmas Kard, according to Kim K's response to a Twitter user. Questioning what happened with a photoshoot featuring two of the Kardashian ladies in gothic getups, a family fan tweeted a photo from 2015 starring Kim and Kourtney in some pretty badass makeup and wardrobe.

As it turns out, there were plans to give the family's annual Christmas card Halloween vibes.

The idea excluded the children, starring only the leading KarJenner ladies, rocking matching jet black wigs with blunt bangs and deep purple lippies, according to Allure. A behind-the-scenes look at the goth Christmas card that almost happened is available via a video posted on Khloé Kardashian's app.

So whatever happened with the photoshoot that seemed to have taken great consideration and considerable styling efforts? The photos never made it into the public eye because the Kardashians decided to take a more family-oriented route that included the children— makes sense for a Christmas card.

Kim K admitted the theme was her idea, but without the entire family involved, it just didn't work out. Perhaps the theme was too sinister for a jolly Christmas card.

Still, some fans would have been on board with a vampy look, hoping KKW uploads the photos to her social media for viewing pleasure.

A theme that's not really common for a Christmas card, the gothic photos would have been refreshing to see.

It was the pin-up Bettie Page hair that really had some Twitter users sold on the all-black everything family photos.

Of course, not everyone was digging the late Halloween vibes.

Still, so many were here for the prospect of a gothic Christmas.

Since the photos never saw the light of day during the holidays, many fans suggested Kim K should release them for another purpose. Perhaps, another selfie book is in order.

Then again, the reality television stars could also release them during the fall, starting a Halloween card trend. After all, they are a family of trendsetters.

Even if the goth photoshoot is never revealed in full, the KarJenner family can rest assured that their decisions to always get their children involved is a good one.

The toddler-focused photo op from 2015 was a winner, even if it wasn't edgy. It starred a young North West, Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick matching in all black. The newest additions to the family, Saint and Chicago West and baby Stormi, weren't born yet, so fans can hopefully look forward to seeing all of the KarJenner babies in 2018's card.