Kim Kardashian Got A Glam Makeover From Daughter North & The Photos Are Incredibly Sweet

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Clearly, the Kardashians' love of makeup runs in the family! On Friday, Nov. 23, Kim Kardashian let daughter North and niece Dream do her makeup, giving her glam squad the day off and bonding over their shared love of beauty products. The mom of three and KKW Beauty founder chronicled her makeover on her Instagram Story, where she showed her five-year-old daughter demonstrating not one, but two dramatic eye looks as well as a full-glam foundation routine.

The pair kicked off their makeup process — which featured Kardashian's new KKW Glam Bible collection — with plenty of foundation, which North made sure to apply all over her mother's face and lips. (And yes, a little bit of it did manage to get on Kris Jenner's carpet in the process, but you can't create a masterpiece without a little bit of a mess.) From there, North moved on to a black eyeliner, which she used to create a variety of looks on Kardashian's face.

While her original plan involved writing the initials "KKW" on Kardashian's face, North quickly recalculated and used the black liner and plenty of black eye shadow to create an elaborate, smokey eye with a three dramatic wings. But after she decided that she didn't actually like the way the look came out, North started over, and eventually landed on a finished glam look that featured large faux freckles and intense black shadow.

However, for the finishing touches, Kardashian turned to her two-year-old niece, Dream, who dusted some highlighter onto the reality star's cheeks in order to complete her glam makeover. And, with the addition of a few swipes of blush — also courtesy of Dream — Kardashian's look was ready for the red carpet or for a few social media selfies.

North's love of makeup (and her mother's makeup collection in particular) is well-documented. Back in September, both Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, shared a video of the five-year-old singing Drake's "In My Feelings" in the backseat of the car, while rocking a bright red lip.

"North is wearing shade #6 in the new Classic Blossom Collection," Kim captioned an Instagram video of her daughter singing the hit rap single. "Relax mom-shamers, it's coming off in a few mins. I needed a bribe to get out of the door ... you feel me?!?!"

Obviously, you're never too young to indulge in your glam side if you're a member of reality TV's most famous family.

Kardashian and North's love of makeup is just one way that the mother and daughter have been able to express their close bond. In August 2017, when the reality star posed with her eldest daughter for Interview magazine, North revealed during her own interview that she considers her "mama" to be her best friend. And let's not forget the many, many time the pair have rocked matching outfits, whether they were both dressed as Disney princesses for Halloween, or simply wearing high-fashion holiday outfits.

"I have such unconditional love for my kids. No matter what, I will always love them and support them in anything they choose to do in life," Kardashian wrote on her app in July 2017. "My family was so close growing up; now that I'm a mom, I understand the bond my mom and dad felt with us."

"My priorities changed when I had kids. It's not about me anymore," she continued. "After North was born, I wanted to be there and make memories together that we would share forever. It really makes you realize how precious life is. They both give me a whole new perspective and inspire me to be the best version of myself."

And thanks to the makeover from her daughter and niece, it looks like her family is helping Kardashian look like the best version of herself as well. Or, at the very least, it's given her a great way to connect with the younger generation, as they can all come together to play with beauty projects.