Kim Kardashian Did Her Own Makeup In Her Latest Selfie & Even Her Makeup Artist Was Impressed

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Kim Kardashian West has a team of makeup artists, but it turns out that the KKW beauty owner may be a beauty master in the making. Kim Kardashian did her own makeup in her latest selfie, and it was so good that even her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic had to comment.

During Labor Day weekend, Kardashian West took to her Instagram account to promote a sale that KKW Beauty was hosting. While she could have posted a promotional shot or a flat lay image of her products, the brand owner decided to showcase her own beauty skills. Honestly, they are majorly impressive.

In the selfie, Kardashian West's hair is pulled away from her face using barrettes, and you get a full, unobstructed view of her makeup that was created from nearly all KKW Beauty products (this was a promo shot, after all). Her brows are arched to perfection, her eyes are smoky, she's got the perfect amount of under eye highlight, and she's as bronzed as ever. Of course, there's her now signature '90s-inspired brown lip liner paired with a lighter shade of lipstick.

Had Kardashian not mentioned that she did the makeup herself, it'd be easy to believe that it was the creation of one of her makeup artists. In fact, the look is so good that Mario Dedivanovic himself chimed in on the post writing, "Ohhh coming for my coins."

For fans who want to get Kardashian's look, she kindly listed the products in the caption of the selfie. According to the KKW Beauty owner, she's wearing the brand's Glam Bible Bundle and Powder Contour & Highlight Palette in the shade medium.

Fans of Kardashian shouldn't be shocked to see the brand owner using her own products. After all, she stands behind her creations and even told Bustle she can't live without her body makeup. Fans may, however, be surprised at her deftness with a makeup brush.

The selfie isn't the first time she's shown off her skills. Back in December 2018, Kardashian West filmed a holiday get ready with me for Vogue and showed off her impressive beauty skills. In the video, the reality star gives fans a full glam doing everything from baking to contouring to a creating a smoky, glittering eye look. The result is another look that Dedivanovic would be proud of.

Kardashian isn't the only celebrity with a penchant for doing their own makeup. She's in quite good company. Her little sister, Kylie Jenner, frequently takes to her Instagram account to showcase how she uses her own brand, Kylie Cosmetics. You could even argue that Jenner started a trend when she did a similar video for Vogue as Kardashian.

In the short video posted in June 2018, Jenner applied a bright red eyeshadow instead of a highlight shade into the inner corner of her eye. The look was definitely different, but soon people were recreating the style, and it even began popping up on YouTube beauty gurus' channels.

Then, there's the queen of the Instagram glow Zendaya. The actor not only shows off her work on her Instagram account, but she actually hits the red carpet in her own makeup looks. Once you see the stunning purple smoky eye she created back in 2018 for the GQ Men of Year Awards, you won't be surprised why she sometimes opts to beat her own face.

While it seems doubtful that Kardashian will start doing her own makeup for the red carpet, fans now know that this brand owner can put her makeup where her face is.