Kim Kardashian Just Explained How *Those* Bathroom Sinks In Her House Work

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For six long nights, a mystery has prodded at us with a Glam Bible eyeliner pencil, refusing to let us catch a single wink of sleep. But tonight we can finally get a good night’s rest: Kim Kardashian explained how her bathroom sinks work. As a lot of people noticed while watching Vogue’s “73 Questions” interview with the founder of KKW Beauty last week, Kim and Kanye West’s bathroom sinks appear to be missing any sort of basin or splash guard that would prevent the water from pouring down the sides of the counter. Rather, it looks like two faucets were drilled into a totally flat slab of stone, giving the running water free rain, er, rein. It looks very cool, there is no doubt about that. But it also appears to be a situation where you more or less let water splash down on a smooth countertop and hope for the best.

Again, the seemingly basin-less double vanity very is cool looking (no, I am not a hater!), but it also raises a ton of questions: How does the water does not roll right off that counter every time Kim and Kanye wash their hands? How do they brush their teeth over a sink like that without getting toothpaste soup everywhere? Is there a bucket? Is this some sort of art piece that means something like "you can't get water out of a stone, but maybe a faucet can"? Are those even sinks? What does it even mean to be a sink? Am I a sink?

A little less than a week after the "73 Questions" video debuted, the Kimye bathroom sink mystery has been put to rest by the one and only Kimberly Noel Kardashian West. On Wednesday, Kimmy K hopped on Instagram Stories, headed on over to her master bathroom sink sculpture, and gave a demonstration.

“OK so since everyone’s a little bit confused about our sinks,” begins one of the Instagram Stories, “I thought I’d just show you guys a little tour of our bathroom.” She talks a bit about about the miniature swimming pool that is the bathtub, and then pans over to the infamous bathroom sinks.

She explains,

“So, the sinks. Kanye drew this. Kanye, Axel Vervoordt, and Claudio Silvestrin kind of all did this sink. It should be separated from the wall, cause it used to be up against the wall, but we thought it’d be cooler this way. Eight versions of this prototype sink was made, and it does actually, like, slightly slope down. You can kind of see. And there’s a slit for the water. And it goes in. You can put it on as high pressure as you want, and no backsplash will come up.”

Kim turns on the faucet, lets the water run, and sure enough, the water stays contained. And, just as she promised, the water does not splash up or out. She turns off the faucet, the water goes down the coin slot drain, and nary a drop is left behind.

There you have it. The sinks aren’t totally flat after all. They are beveled. It is a subtle bevel, but apparently, it is enough of a bevel to keep the water from running amok. A next-level bevel. Beveling Up with the Kardashians.