Kim K Has A Flawless Response To People Mommy-Shaming Her About Saint's Hospital Stay

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Kim Kardashian has a message for anyone who wants to start rumors about her kids: Just don't. After detailing her 2-year-old son Saint West's hospital visit over the holidays with pneumonia, Kardashian clapped back at those spreading lies about Saint's sickness a day later. It seemed that some on Twitter responded to Kardashian's message about her new year getting off to a scary start by some mommy-shaming her. Specifically with claims that she and husband Kanye West were "out partying" during Saint's three-day stay in the hospital because she shared Snapchats of her New Year's Eve celebration.

As it turns out, Kardashian didn't actually know that people were saying this until a fan tweeted:

"why do people continuously think KimYe were 'partying' New years Eve while saint was at the hospital? Kim & Kanye love their kids so much, so to even THINK they werent around when Saint was sick is really stupid af. Yal love to hate Kim, just to hate her, its dumb at this point!"

Kardashian seemed to agree, responding to the tweet with her own message that began with the fire line: "I haven't heard this BUT lets get this straight." A clear sign that she wouldn't be wasting any one of her 280 characters with this one. So, with that, she was off, tweeting:

"I did not leave my son for one minute during his hospital stay. We were there Wednesday night to Saturday. NYE WAS SUNDAY NIGHT. People came over when he was already asleep for the night! Don't even try me when it comes to my kids."

The thing is, Kardashian shouldn't have to explain herself, and it's likely that if it was just another rumor about her, she wouldn't have. But since it had to do with her son — who is home and doing fine, BTW — she couldn't stay silent. To kick off 2018, Kardashian wanted to make it clear that her kids aren't fair game and never will be.

The Twitterverse should think of Kardashian's latest tweet as a (not-so) friendly reminder that kids of celebrities aren't actually celebrities, they're just kids. It's something worth remember before tweeting anything about North, Saint, or any other Hollywood spawn. They shouldn't be up for any kind of debate.

Unfortunately, it's something people too often seem to forget. Kardashian is the second celebrity in the past week that has clapped back in the name of their kids. Over the weekend, Chrissy Teigen tweeted about daughter Luna being dragged into the Pizzagate scandal. It stemmed from a tweet from conservative writer (and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist) writing that because Teigen's 1-year-old dressed as "a hot dog, Alice In Wonderland & a pineapple," it somehow meant that Teigen and her husband John Legend were involved in an underground sex ring.

Teigen didn't just share a screenshot of the tweet, but screengrabs of those who responded, including one person who wrote, "thank you for the enlightenment." "The fact that there are people with these...thoughts...is really scary," Teigen tweeted.

Many people supported Teigen — 20K liked her tweet — including Chelsea Clinton who tweeted that it's "awful & never ok when people threaten or demean any child." While Clinton's "lost count of the Twitter accounts who've threatened" her daughter Charlotte, she did offer a bit of advice for a fellow mom in the public eye. "While I never bother to report threats against me," she wrote. "I now report every one against her."

That's exactly what Kardashian was doing. She may not have reported those who were trying to spread misinformation about her young son, but she did go public to encourage people to stop using her kids as a way of going after her. And if they do, they'll have to answer to Kardashian.