Kim Kardashian Just Revealed Her Biggest Contouring Secret & It's So Easy To Follow

Kim Kardashian favors a heavily contoured facial look, highlighting her cheekbones and other features with shadows, light, and product. Clearly, her legion of loyalists wants to copy that definition, as her KKW Beauty range debuted with four contouring kits that sold out on the quick. Kardashian has shared plenty of tips on how to use the multi-piece KKW Beauty kits since launching the brand. But the reality superstar and entrepreneur extraordinaire just revealed her top contouring technique. Yes, really. And guess what? It's so easy to employ.

It's dubbed the "Rule of Three," which ColourPop's Sharon Pak mentioned in her "Getting Ready With Me" Instagram story using that brand's new bronzers over the weekend.

Since I personally am not a power contourer, this concept was somewhat new to me, although it may be familiar to those who contour like champions.

If you want to get that ultra defined look and have never heard of the the "Rule of Three," here's Kardashian's foolproof tip that you will want to start using stat.

You basically draw "3" on each side of your face, from your forehead down through your cheekbones and along your jawline. You will eventually buff and blend it out, but it's an excellent guide for highlight and definition.

Third time is the charm! This is Kimmy's top tip.

See the "3?"

Here's the other "3."

This tutorial is a bit longer and shares KKW's tips on how to get a shorter forehead and a bronzy hairline through her contouring sticks. But it also incorporates the "Rule of Three."

Clearly, there are a lot of secrets, tips, tricks, techniques, and hacks that go into contouring. It's a makeup commitment to do contour. But Kardashian's tip that should make contouring easy for makeup noobs or those of us who don't contour all the time. It makes the extensive process feel more simplified and the end result look achievable.

So many Internet MUAs do contouring tutorials, playfully drawing hearts, stars, and all sorts of lines on their faces for contour, which they buff and blend, leaving the rest of us bewildered and eating their makeup dust.

Kardashian's tip takes out all the guess work and is like contouring for beginners. You can't beat personalized suggestions from a beauty guru whose look is oft-desired.