Kim K Wants To Hear Your Criticism, Just Not ALL The Time

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian puts a lot of thought into her Instagram feed and she does not appreciate the haters who disagree with her social media strategy. As reported by Marie Claire, on Thursday, Kim Kardashian responded to a fan Twitter account that criticized her latest 'grams. "The negativity in my timeline is draining," Kardashian wrote, in part. Though she also addressed specific complaints from the fan, her message could also be taken as a warning to other followers who choose to say repeatedly complain about her, because Kim has no time for that.

Kardashian responded to a tweet written by user @KimKWestPics, an account the reality star followed, that has since been deleted. In a screen grab of the tweet caught by @temptress97, the user wrote:

Me whenever kim posts an Instagram Picture these days [emoji with a long nose] wish she would go back to filterless where she didn’t have to post random images to go with her theme

The user appeared to be complaining about Kardashian's method of sometimes curating her Instagram feed to stick to specific theme. She recently explained the strategy to the audience at Create & Cultivate's Los Angeles Conference (per Marie Claire), "My Instagram started to get really messy. So I have the help of someone, a friend of mine who helps me filter everything and pick the colors, but it really is a full time job."

Kardashian is sticking by her choice. She responded on Twitter to KimKWestPics by writing, "For the record my engagement is up. I post what I want, what makes me happy & what inspires me so if u aren’t content w the pics of my kids, the photo shoots in motels & make up looks then unfollow me or maybe I should unfollow u because the negativity in my timeline is draining."

Kardashian wrote several other post directed at the user on Thursday — apparently KimKWestPics had a history of writing negative posts directed at the celebrity. Kardashian explained that it was "comments like yours" that made her want to pull back on social media. She tweeted that she was "all good with opinions & criticism" but "no one will tell me what to do." She added that she wasn't upset with the fan, but that she found it "draining" to see "daily" criticism as opposed to the occasional comment.

Though the beauty mogul utilizes social media to further develop her brand and reach out to fans, this isn't the only time she's been disappointed by the feedback she receives on the platforms. On Thursday, she also questioned why fans of hers get in fight with Khloé Kardashian's fans. Kardashian, who is very close with her sister, asked on Twitter, "Wait @khloekardashian and I really want to know... what is the beef between our fans? How did it start & what do you fight about. We are confused."

At the aforementioned Create & Cultivate Conference, the entrepreneur and mom also explained that she worried about her own children being on social media. She felt like it was a good thing that she wasn't on it until she was already an adult, and worried about young people learning the difference between the platforms and real life. She explained, "I want my kids to see the separation [between social media and real life] and feel the difference, and know that there's a time and a place for that."

Still, don't expect Kardashian to give up social media all together. Though she took break for a few months after she was robbed in Paris at gun point in 2016, her Instagram and Twitter are a large component for how she grows her business and fanbase. She explained at the conference that she started off using her internet platforms as a "free focus group" — a way to get feedback quickly from a lot of people from all walks of life. Since then she has grown to love socializing with fans through the internet. "I really value their opinion," she said of fans.

That being said, she won't value you're opinion if you consistently have a problem with the pictures that make her happy and inspire her on Instagram. So check yourself — a lot of people love the feed and will continue to love the posts she provides.