Kim Kardashian Handled Her Surrogate's Info Leaking On 'KUWTK' Like A Champ

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that the final new Kardashian/Jenner baby has been exposed, fans can finally stop wondering who is or isn't expecting. But it hasn't been that long since they left us all in the dark, and that's where Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now. On Sunday night's episode, Kim's surrogate's pregnancy leaked, and despite how stressed out she was, seeing it all play out on screen made it clear that she handled the whole thing like a champ.

At first, news that Kim and Kanye were planning to welcome their third child via surrogate got out, and that was enough to send her into a panic. Obviously, if something huge is happening in your life and the world finds out about it before you were ready to tell them, it's enough to freak anyone out. Before she could even stop it from happening, TMZ announced the news, and she started getting calls and emails from basically everyone in her life who had her contact information.

"I honestly am absolutely fuming that there are all these articles coming out about our surrogate," Kim said. "People started to write me asking if it was true and i just said we don't want to talk about it right now."

You'd think that might be as bad as it could get, but then, it got worse.

While Kim was in New York with Scott and Kris for Fashion Week, her surrogate's information leaked, which was a huge breach of privacy — especially when it comes to such a delicate situation that she was trying to handle as low key as possible. Kim called it "so invasive and so frustrating," and she explained that the whole reason she was keeping her surrogate under wraps was because she wanted to protect her from all the attention she'd get, negative or otherwise. It makes sense; Kim's had years of practice living in the spotlight, but this isn't what the surrogate signed up for when she decided to help give a family a baby.

Luckily, Kim was able to quickly get in touch with Kanye and her lawyer, who advised her to touch base with her surrogate and remind her that she's here for her and to ignore anyone who tries to contact her for more details about their arrangement. Imagine not only trying to prepare for your third child but also trying to keep the whole thing a secret — let alone what the surrogate herself must have been going through. Growing a human isn't easy, after all.

It only got worse when Kim found herself in front of the media and paparazzi as she was leaving a Fashion Week event where Kendall was receiving an award. She knew she couldn't lie, but she also wasn't ready to confirm the news. Fortunately, she was able to skirt the questions, especially with the help of her entourage, and go see Kendall walk in the Alexander Wang show. Like she said, she wasn't trying to hide anything; she and Kanye just wanted to wait until they were ready to share their big news with the world.

It was heartbreaking to see Kim try to do damage control around a situation that should be such a happy time for everyone involved. As curious as the rest of us get about Kim and her family's lives, it's important to remember that sometimes those details involve people (like Kim's surrogate) who aren't used to being so exposed. Kim and her family owe their fans nothing, but fortunately, they've been sharing plenty with us for the last decade. Now, we just have to sit back and wait for photos of baby Chicago.