Kit Harington's Fave 'GoT' Scene Involves Rose Leslie & It's Super Emotional

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Game of Thrones might swiftly be coming to an end, but at least those who portrayed some of television's most iconic characters have plenty to say about their experiences on the show. And while Jon Snow has plenty of memorable moments to choose from, Kit Harington's favourite GoT scene is totally unexpected and one that you'll want to get the tissues ready for. And if you've yet to watch the series or are still catching up for season eight, there are spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

During a recent interview with People, Harington discussed the emotional impact of GoT coming to an end, and also spoke of his fondest memory which involved his wife, Rose Leslie. Leslie played Jon's love interest Ygritte, so if you're thinking that Harington's fave moment was the first time the two met or when they started falling for each other — think again. Cue the tears, because the scene that the actor regards with importance is the one where Ygritte died in Jon's arms.

"I liked her death. I know, it sounds bizarre. I thought she nailed that. And it's the first time in Thrones that slow motion was used and I think it's a beautiful, cradling moment as this battle is raging in the background. It was one of those incredible shots."

According to Time, Harington and Leslie were first rumoured to be dating in 2012 before they made their relationship public in 2016. A year later, the couple announced their engagement in the "forthcoming marriages" section of The Times, eventually tying the knot last June. So not only did the two actors experience one of TV's most monumental series, but they also fell in love on it too.

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Although, this does have its downsides. As fans often associate Harington and Leslie with their fictional counterparts, it may be difficult for the couple to act together again in a different capacity. "The saddest thing is that we can never be cast again together because we're too synonymous with Thrones," he explained to People. "It's gonna be hard to get away from that. I'd love to work with Rose, but we're married and we played these lovers, so are we ever going to get to do that?"

While it may not be possible directly off the back of the eighth series, nothing is stopping Harington and Leslie from acting together again further on in their careers. Just look at Steve Carell and Amy Ryan in 2018's Beautiful Boy. Sure, they're not a couple IRL but when together they're often paired with their fictional Office counterparts Michael Scott and Holly Flax. It was kind of strange to see "Michael and Holly" back together again after last seeing the characters in 2013, but thanks to the beauty of acting it's easy to forget this connection and see them solely as the characters they are portraying.

So while you probably won't be seeing Harington and Leslie working together soon, the possibility of them working together again in another capacity doesn't seem that unlikely after all.