Here's Why The Internet Is Freaking Out About KKW Beauty’s New Product

KKW Beauty on Instagram

When it comes to beauty, Kylie Jenner isn't the only guru in her family. Kim Kardashian-West made waves this summer when she released KKW Beauty, launching her highly sought-after contouring kits. Now, Kardashian-West announced that a KKW Powder Contour Kit is coming and teased a photo of the boxes on Instagram.

So far, KKW Beauty has kept it simple, featuring a cream contour and highlight kit in four different shades: light, medium, dark, and deep dark. Along with the four kits, she also teamed up with Kylie Cosmetics on a cream liquid lipstick collection. All of these products, are, you guessed it — sold out!

It only makes sense that Kardashian-West wanted to expand her beauty options, based on the success of her other products. It's how Jenner got her start, too, starting with only a few lip kits and eventually expanding to more colors, brushes, eyeshadows, and of course, her Birthday Collection.

Kardashian, whose line focuses more on skin rather than lips and eyes, posted the teaser on Instagram on Aug. 9, and the buzz has truly begun.

While the box really doesn't show much, you know it's going to be good. The beauty of KKW Beauty is that it's simple, minimal, and best of all, easy to use. Any beauty beginner can figure out how to use it, and that kind of uncomplicated approach to beauty is what makes her products so alluring. That, and of course, being that it's a line made for fans by Kim K herself.

Naturally, the comment section is blowing up, with people sharing their sentiments of excitement. As the caption states, there's going to be two new kits: a Powder Contour Kit and a Highlight Kit.

If you follow Kardashian on Snapchat, she also posted a sneak peek video, showing off the three boxes and new brushes.

But how amazing are these new brushes?

The queen of nude shades is finally coming out with powder contour and highlight kits, and naturally, the people of Twitter are freaking out.

Fans have been waiting, and now, she's answered their prayers.

Get your wallets out and your fingers ready to click.

Swatches better come soon!

OMG is right!

You're not the only one, Linsey.


The internet is shook and isn't afraid to say it.

These may just be the products that convince non-KKW beauty believers.

While there aren't any details on when it's coming out or pricing, it seems like more information will be released soon, and hopefully, more images, too.