Kris Jenner’s “Friend” Cleared Up One Of The Wildest Rumors About The Tristan Scandal

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A friend of Kris Jenner's just put an end to the latest Kardashian-Jenner family conspiracy theory. According to Lisa Stanley, Kris Jenner definitely didn't plan the release of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal videos that reportedly show Thompson cheating on Khloé Kardashian. But according to Stanley, Kris Jenner is doing damage control about the rumors. (Bustle reached out to Jenner for comment on Stanley's interview, but did not receive a response.)

Stanley, who said she's a friend of Jenner's, appeared on Australian radio station KIIS 101.1's Celeb HQ talk show this week and tried to set the record straight on everything that the family's been going through. Stanley, who is also a radio host, talked to the radio station earlier this week, after the cheating rumors, but before Kardashian had her baby.

The talk show's hosts asked Stanley what happens in the Kardashian-Jenner family when news like the cheating scandal breaks. Stanley explained that the family has a protocol in place — and they always discuss the situation as a group, whether or not they're together in person. Here's what Stanley said about the family's "damage control" conversations:

"They have a meeting. No matter where everyone is, they're on a phone, whether it's FaceTime, or on [the] phone. Kris leads the meeting, and they do damage control and decide how they're going to handle it. In this case, it was obvious. Khloé is definitely not going to say anything. She's about to give birth to a child."

It's worth pointing out that Stanley admitted she hadn't spoken to Jenner since the reports about Thompson's alleged infidelity came out.

When the KIIS 101.1 hosts asked Stanley about the suggestion that Jenner planned the release of the videos about the alleged cheating, Stanley emphatically denied the theory. "That is such horse shit," Stanley said. "Even Kris has her line she draws in the sand."

Stanley's denial is a reminder that fans shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions every time there's a news report about the Kardashian-Jenner family. Suggesting that someone's mother would orchestrate the release of videos of her boyfriend allegedly cheating on her — days before she gave birth — is a pretty big accusation. And it sounds like Stanley doesn't believe her friend would ever be capable of doing something so brazen.

Plus, speculation about the idea that the family would try to control the media cycle to draw in publicity about a baby's birth is pretty low in the first place. Remember when some people claimed that Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris was staged, too? Just because the family is mega-famous and makes headlines doesn't mean they're doing things like this just to get attention.

For her part, Kardashian hasn't commented on the cheating rumors, and she might not ever do so publicly. She hasn't posted on Twitter or Instagram since having her baby, though Jenner and Kim have confirmed that Kardashian had her baby, through a series of tweets. Jenner reposted a message from W magazine about the baby, writing, "BLESSED!!!," while Kim shared a sweet message about her sister's delivery. Kylie Jenner also congratulated her sister with a Snapchat post.

Again, whatever is going on with Kardashian and Thompson's relationship is their business, and they don't owe any statements or explanations to fans. Right now, it seems like the two of them are focused on being parents to their newborn baby daughter, regardless of what the current state of their relationship might be. Maybe now, though, fans can put the theory to rest that Jenner planned the cheating rumors — it sounds like she had nothing to do with the reports.