Krispy Kreme Popcorn Exists & It's A Doughnut Lover's Dream

Maybe it's time to book a flight for the UK just to stock up on goodies. I'm not just talking about Cadbury Whole Nut Chocolate, or Skittles Coolers, or even whatever top-secret candy only the Royal Family gets to eat. I'm talking about the fact that Krispy Kreme doughnut popcorn exists, and nobody bothered to tell me about it until now.

Instagrammers @mnmtwinz brought this beautiful pairing to the attention of the internet, which combines two of the most addictive foods on the planet — doughnuts and popcorn — into a sugary, glazed glory. "Inspired by their signature melt-in-your mouth doughnuts, these have a softer texture than traditional popcorn," the account explains. "Fortunately, the glaze is plentiful and sweet! The taste isn’t identical to the iconic doughnuts, but they are still tasty. If you or someone you know loves Krispy Kreme, we definitely recommend trying them."

BUT HOW CAN WE TRY THEM IF THEY LIVE ACROSS THE OCEAN!? Well, luckily, there may be a way. Although it boggles my mind that something that combines popcorn, glaze, and Krispy Kreme goodness hasn't found its spiritual home of the US of A, unfortunately so far the Kreme isn't making it available overseas. Unfair? Yes. A travesty? Absolutely. But stay strong, sugar soldiers, for there is another way.

If you're a popcorn lover or a Krispy Kreme enthusiast who just needs to get your hands on some of this popcorn — without buying a ticket to the UK — the GB Gifts website covers a range of British delicacies and offers free worldwide shipping. For £5.99 you can get a bag of what I can only imagine tastes like crackly joy in every bite. That comes out to around $7.80, depending on where the exchange rate falls, and it may be worth combining a shipment with some other UK-only delicious treats.

Although, when you remember that the UK is also the place that has Nutella-stuffed Krispy Kremes, buying that plane ticket starts to feel more and more like the obvious choice. Granted, Krispy Kreme does sometimes go above and beyond on American soil (like with their a-dork-able conversation heart donuts around Valentine's Day), it seems like the UK is getting all of the truly ingenious developments. They already have Meghan Markle, do they really need to have everything else?

If you want some exciting doughnut action on this side of the Atlantic, you can try the amazing looking Easter donuts at Tim Hortons. Or just drown your sorrows in Easter candy and wait for some of the delicious Anglo options to make their way stateside. I know, they may not all be what you deserve, but what I'm saying is that you have options ahead of you. The future is yours and it is sweet.

Some food mashups are a little questionable, but sweet popcorn is a well-established delight. Adding the Krispy Kreme glaze flavor options takes the traditional sweet-and-salty treat and makes it so much more magical. And don't forget — there's free shipping.