You Can Get A Donut Topped With Cadbury Mini Eggs At Tim Hortons Now

There has been no shortage of new Easter products hitting our shelves this year — and while there have mostly been grocery and candy options, some restaurants and cafes have been getting in on the action, too. But I don't know if any of them have done so as spectacularly, as beautifully as Tim Hortons has with this new limited edition creation, which hits stores March 20. The Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Eggs Donut is a thing of a wonder and I'm pretty much ready to call it a day and award it the Easter creation of the year/decade/millennium.

Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Eggs Donuts are here for a limited time only. These donuts are deep-fried, round little works of art. By teaming up with Cadbury, basically the OG of Easter delights, it's clear that they mean business.

But of course, no matter how good it looks, the real question is how does it taste? Well, a quick look at the ingredients makes it clear that this donut is bound to be pretty darn tasty. According to Tim Hortons, the donut is "topped with white fondant, green sprinkles, and three Cadbury Mini Eggs made from rich and creamy Cadbury milk chocolate, and covered in a crispy, colorful, candy shell." YES. Mini Cadbury Eggs, the underrated Easter candy that is undoubtedly better than Cadbury Creme Eggs (I will fight you on this), combined with sprinkles, icing, and of course, an actual donut. I hope your mouth is dancing right now. Because I'm looking up flights to the nearest Tim Hortons as we speak.

Tim Hortons is as famous for its coffee as it is for its donuts — and it's easy to imagine celebrating an April morning with a coffee in one hand and a dozen of these donuts balanced in the other. Sometimes the brand takes a little bit of a leap into unknown territory (the Buffalo sauce latte, anyone?), but this donut is an easy home run. Just like it did with its hugely successful Nutella donuts, these Easter treats focus on simple, rich favorites and delivers what Tim Hortons already know you want — chocolate, sprinkles, and donuts. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It looks as though in 2018, the brand offered a similar donut, but in a flower pattern — and people were ridiculous stoked. Obviously.

Of course, if it's really the Cadbury egg angle that you're after and three eggs just doesn't feel like enough, don't worry. Not only can you buy Cadbury Mini Eggs by the bag (and you should), this year Cadbury has also taken things up a notch with more mini egg options. The Shimmer Mini Egg bags have hit shelves in the U.S., and of course, if you happen to be in the UK, then you can even get Cadbury chocolate in McFlurry form. And yes, they're just as amazing as they sound — sorry not sorry. And of course, there's always the classic Cadbury Creme Egg out there if you want your chocolate to delight to double as a mountain of flavor to climb, because they are incredible but also may leave you feeling like you've been through a war if you eat enough of them.

A lot of Easter candies are just variations on the same, but combining Cadbury Mini Eggs with a donut in a delightful and delicious pastoral scene is definitely worth celebrating. Hit up a Tim Hortons if you don't want to miss out — these donuts will only be around for a limited time.