Kristina Confronts Nick On 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' & She Wants Answers About Their Relationship

Michael Yada/ABC

Nick and Kristina seemed like a great match on The Bachelor, so I was just as confused as she was when Nick sent her packing before hometowns. But everyone has to pay the piper, even Nick — Kristina confronted Nick on The Bachelor: Women Tell All, and she wanted to know just where their relationship went wrong.

Kristina asked Nick a series of really good questions — she wanted to know if they had chemistry; if they had a good time together; if they had good, deep conversations together — and Nick answered in the affirmative to all of them. Why, then, did Kristina go home? Nick didn't really have an answer, except to say that "something in my heart said something wasn't there." It's pretty much a non-answer, an "I don't know why I dumped you, but I wasn't feeling it" response, which is the kind of answer that Nick's been giving all season long. Nick told Kristina on The Bachelor that things can change very quickly after hometowns and Fantasy Suite dates, and Nick didn't give Kristina that chance to see things through. I can see why she feels badly about it — she doesn't feel like she got a true shot at love, and Nick can't even tell her why. He just didn't feel it was right between them.


What now for Kristina? I'm fairly certain she's single, and I hope that she's getting over Nick. She needs a man who will help her world stay "in color," as she's mentioned so many times over the course of the show, and Nick is not that guy. He's out there!