Is Kristina Dating Anyone After 'The Bachelor'? She's Still Processing Her Time With Nick

Michael Yada/ABC

Kristina Schulman was my dark horse for Bachelor winner as soon as she stepped out of the limo, but as I've learned after years and years of watching the show, some things are just not meant to be. Kristina seemed like the perfect foil for Nick, and yet, he sent her home way too soon. Is Kristina dating anyone after The Bachelor? She deserves the world, that's all I'm saying.

Because there was a ton of other drama in the Bachelor mansion (as there always is), Kristina’s story got pushed to the side in favor of the ongoing Taylor/Corinne drama and Vanessa throwing temper tantrums when Nick wouldn’t hang out with her for more than fifteen minutes at a time. But Kristina’s story was amazing and heartbreaking — she was adopted from Russia to America at a young age. Her biological mother was an addict and couldn’t feed them, and she would leave Kristina alone for days at a time. As a child, Kristina was so hungry that she once ate a lipstick just to have something to eat. Kristina’s American family found her in an orphanage and brought her to the States, where she’s had a happy and fulfilling life thus far. As she says now, her world is in color in the United States, not in black and white like it would be in Russia.

Nick and Kristina seemed very much to connect, and then he opted to send her home right before hometowns. He didn’t wait for a rose ceremony to do it, which was nice (I think?), but Kristina was still pretty shocked she was sent packing. In fact, she’s still surprised. On the Here To Make Friends podcast from Huffington Post, Kristina said, “Our time came so late, and I’m the type of person to want to try it all before we call it quits. And to this day, I’m left with ‘what if,’ but I’ve come to terms with it.” I’m not sure if it sounds like she’s completely over it, but we’ll see what she has to say to Nick on Women Tell All.

In the meantime, I’m fairly sure that Kristina is indeed single after The Bachelor. She hasn’t posted a picture on her Instagram that wasn’t her and at least one of the other women that were on The Bachelor for a long time.

This could be contractually obligated, somehow; it could be Kristina wanting to be private; or it could be that Kristina is just enjoying living her single life. I think it’s a combination of all of the above, because just from that quote from that podcast, I don’t know that Kristina is completely over Nick’s dumping of her. And that’s fair, especially when you think you have an amazing connection with someone, and then out of the blue he’s like, “See ya!” I mean, even the other women in the house were shocked when Nick sent Kristina home, so you can only imagine how she felt.

For now, Kristina seems OK on her own, but I’m sure she’ll have plenty to say at the upcoming Women Tell All special.