Kristina Should Go On 'Bachelor In Paradise' To Find What Nick Couldn't Give Her


Time flies in The Bachelor world. Nick Viall and his remaining three women already went on their Fantasy Suite dates, which means that the final rose ceremony is very close. With that being said, it's time to start thinking ahead to who is going to be back for Bachelor In Paradise Season 4. Season 21 of The Bachelor has introduced us to some amazing women that I want to see again, especially Kristina, who would shine on Bachelor in Paradise.

Kristina was a fan-favorite since Week 1, with her charming personality, but it wasn't until she opened up to Nick about her past that she became America's sweetheart. She let down her walls by sharing her troubled past and let everyone see her strength and resilience, making her someone that viewers admired and genuinely wanted to win. As the show progressed, she proved to be a woman that Nick could really fall for.

So, it was heartbreaking — and it came a little out of the blue — when Nick said goodbye to Kristina on Week 7. But now it's opened up so many more opportunities for her to find love. Bachelor in Paradise would introduce her to so many new guys, and, who knows, maybe one of them will be the "one." Aside from finding a new beau, here are some reasons why Kristina should be on BiP.

She Likes To Have Fun

kristinaschulman on Instagram

Remember when Kristina and Raven put cheese on Corinne while she was sleeping? Imagine all the fun she'd have in Paradise.

There's More To Her Story


She opened up to Nick about how difficult her childhood was in Russia, but it seemed like she only scratched the surface. There's definitely more to her story and Paradise would provide the perfect platform for her to share more — if she wants to, of course.

She's Good At Making Friends

kristinaschulman on Instagram

Sure, Paradise is about finding love, but it's also about making new friends. This is one of the only shows in the Bachelor franchise that encourages friendships and shows these relationships more. Kristina's fun and easygoing personality will definitely help her make some good friends.

She Has A Kind Soul


She had a genuine sincerity to her, and it made her really stand out. Paradise could use some of that sweetness.

She's Got A Lot Of Love To Give


Kristina's journey to love was cut short this season, but she made it clear that she's ready to find the right guy for her. She's got a big heart and needs a guy who will give her a fair chance at love.

She's Not Afraid To Be Direct


Kristina was very upfront with Nick with her feelings and wasn't afraid to tell him she thought he was making a mistake when he sent her home. This will come in handy in Paradise when she's developing new relationships. Love a good straight-talker.

She's Courageous


Despite the hardships she has faced, Kristina is able to be strong and has a positive outlook on life. Her courage definitely won't let anything hold her back in Paradise.

She's A Rational Thinker


Kristina has proved many times that she is very levelheaded this season. She knows how to effectively communicate her feelings, but also can prevent her emotions from blinding her judgements. This will allow her to swiftly navigate through Paradise and find her perfect man.

She Puts Effort Into Her Relationships


Whether it's with her friends or Nick, Kristina is more than willing to put in the effort to make her relationships work. She's stepped it up to strengthen her relationship with Nick and made sure he knew that she was all in. This is a good quality to have going into Paradise and will show the guys that Kristina is their perfect woman.

The lineup for Season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise has yet to be announced, but I know Kristina is an ideal candidate. Hopefully, she gets this amazing second shot at love.