Kyle & Everett Feud Over 'Summer House' Rules

by Kayla Hawkins
Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

We're only one official episode into Bravo's newest original reality series and it already seems like the relationships on Summer House will be the cast's downfall. Dealing with all of the various couples, hookups, and issues was so traumatic that after the big July 4 celebration, Kyle and Everett started fighting over relationships and the feud seems likely to carry into the next episode. It turns out that Kyle can't seem to relax when he hears the sounds of couples duking it out in the next room, while Everett doesn't take too kindly to... being criticized? Interrupted? It's not super clear why he doesn't take the opportunity to end his fight with Lindsay, considering that he doesn't seem to think texting other women is as big of an issue as she does. Instead, the two friends seem poised to potentially start physically fighting — or at least, splashing.

And Kyle's not immune from relationship issues of his own. Amanda, his ex-girlfriend who is a lot younger than the rest of the gang, showed up for a July 4 party at the house, and the whole crew was feeling deeply awkward about it. Well, except for Kyle, who was vaguely thrilled at the idea of potentially hooking up for a second time.

But while this hookup was taking place, Lindsay and Everett were still bouncing back and forth between considering moving in together and flipping out on each other. The rest of the ladies tried to warn Kyle that he and Amanda could be the next dysfunctional couple, but he didn't want to listen. After Amanda's appearance, I got the impression that this guy has a serious thing for his exes, in addition to his general love of hookups.

Maybe the crew was just hitting one too many frozen drinks that night, because after a long night of partying and having a good time, Everett started complaining about his issues with Lindsay, and then the whole night went wrong. Yes, this couple is still bickering and yelling nonstop, and it seems like Kyle just can't take it anymore. Will Lindsay and Everett get the boot for breaking Kyle's "no couples in the summer house" rule? I doubt it, because all of this drama just makes Summer House more entertaining, but only the next explosive episode will reveal the truth.