Lisa & Kyle's Big 'RHOBH' Blowout Finally Happened

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 9 started out with an explosive fight between Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Lisa's husband Ken Todd. Then, the show backtracked to a few weeks earlier, causing fans to wonder what really happened. For two months, viewers waited to see why Ken yelled, "Bye, Kyle!" on her way out the door. Well, during the April 2 episode, fans finally go to see why Lisa and Ken kicked Kyle out of Villa Rosa. It. Was. Intense.

It all happened so quickly, at least based on the edited version that viewers saw. Is twelve years of friendship really done? There was so much screaming and finger wagging. Even Lisa's dog looked confused following Kyle to the front door on her way out.

After the post-spin class group lunch, Kyle was convinced that LVP planted a story about Dorit Kemsley's failed dog adoption on an entertainment news website. She went to Lisa and Ken's to let them know what the "group consensus" was and none of them were at all calm during her visit.

There was so much lead up to that fight, but the actual exchange of words flew by so fast. Lisa pretty much skipped to the door because she was so happy to let Kyle into her mansion, but that was the only pleasant part of that afternoon. Her pet swan Panky even came at Kyle when she walking, as if he had a sixth sense for drama.

During her on-camera interview, Kyle admitted "I know I run the risk of ruining my friendship with her and I don't want to do that," but that is pretty much what happened. At Villa Rosa, Kyle told Lisa, "If you read the article, it sounds like it comes from your camp." Lisa countered that she spoke to another outlet and defended Dorit.

Then, Kyle used Lisa's own words against her. She said, "You always say 'When you look at an article, you have to say who benefits, right?" Then Kyle spelled it out: this could be good for Lisa herself and Vanderpump Dogs.

Kyle told Lisa, "As your friend, I want to be able to say 'That is not true! I don't believe that!" Then Ken interjected with, "That's what you should have said!" And then, Kyle admitted, "I don't feel that, Ken."

Because this is RHOBH, both women accused each other of not letting the other one talk. Meanwhile, neither of them seemed to be listening. Ken stepped in and told Kyle (over and over again), "You are not her friend." Lisa swore on her children's lives and her beloved dog Giggy's life that she did nothing wrong. She walked away from Kyle in her own home. Then, Ken and Kyle had words before he walked away too. Viewers witnessed the end of a friendship that had lasted for over a decade since they haven't spoken after that fight.

During a February episode ofWatch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen After Show, Kyle revealed, "The last time I spoke with Lisa or Ken was when I was at their house and we were going to have a talk, and then it ended up being a disaster."

Kyle even said that she tried to reach out. She shared, "I’ve sent a text and an email." Then she said, "I don’t know if I’m blocked or supposedly blocked, but that’s the last time we spoke."

It's unbelievable to see two people who have been through so much together end their friendship over a conflict that actually wasn't even between them. Kyle was there on someone else's behalf. She didn't adopt a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs. She didn't stage a Lucy Lucy Apple Juice appearance at the center. She didn't text anyone named John. Nevertheless, she was the one who ended up confronting Lisa. How does that make any sense at all? Why did Kyle have to go alone to discuss a controversy that really had nothing to do with her? What does this mean for their friendship? What about the show? Will Lisa return? This fight changes everything. Absolutely everything.