Kylie Cosmetics' Is Having A 40% Sale For Halloween & Eye Palettes Are Under $25

With Black Friday fast approaching and Veteran's Day around the corner, you may not expect a brand to launch a massive sale, but one has, and it's going to make beauty lovers so happy. Kylie Cosmetics' Halloween sale features eye palettes for under $25, a massive discount on brushes and lip kits, and all of her blushes. Basically, it's a fabulous surprise sale that fans are suer to be very happy about.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics social media pages, the brand has decided to have a full-on sale in honor of Halloween. If, however, you've already shopped that collection or just weren't in love with it, don't worry. There's so much more up for grabs than Halloween Collection. In fact, the Halloween Collection isn't even part of the sale at all. Instead it features items from her Weather Collection (inspired by her baby girl Stormie) as well as some of her well-known eyeshadow palettes.

When does the sale start? Right now! The Kylie Cosmetics' Halloween sale began today, Oct. 30 at 3pm ET/Noon PT and will last for just 24 hours ending tomorrow, Oct. 31 at 3pm ET/Noon PT. If you want to snag 40 percent off Kylie Cosmetics goods, move fast.

While the sale is certainly unexpected given its proximity to holidays, it's not unlike Jenner to host a sale that fans aren't expecting. She's hosted sales for nearly every holiday including Labor Day and Memorial Day. Last year, she even did a spur of the moment end of summer sale. Plus, she's regularly offering deals on her products thanks to the Kylie Cosmetics monthly bundles. While people didn't know it was coming, maybe this sale isn't so strange after all.

As for what's included in the sale, it's a smorgasbord of products from the brand, but it certainly includes some major heavy hitters from Kylie Cosmetics. One of them happens to be a super popular palette from the brand. The Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach palette is included in the sale, and while it doesn't retail for under $25 like other eyeshadows in the 40 percent off discount, it's still been reduced to just $27 which is a major steal for the product.

The Royal Peach palette isn't the only well-known Kylie Cosmetics product included. There are also a multitude of lip kits up for grabs as well. The sets include colors such as Maliboo, Penelope, and Red Velvet. These prices have been majorly reduced with matte hues retailing for just over $17 and satin finishes at just over $16.

As for more complexion products, you'll be able to snag any of Jenner's single pressed powder blushes as well as all of her pressed powder highlighters during the sale as well as all of her individual brushes.

If you want to shop the sale, head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website now. The Halloween sale is only on for 24 hours, and there are tons of great options to pick up. Why not give yourself a Halloween treat instead of a trick?