Kylie Cosmetics Raised A Ton Of Money For Teen Cancer America In Honor Of Kylie's Birthday

Kylie Cosmetics is on its way to becoming a beauty business unicorn. Reports indicate that Kylie Cosmetics could become a rare billion dollar brand in just a few years, and that the company has racked up nearly $500 million in sales in its first 18 months of operation. While the brand is a super lucrative endeavor, it's also philanthropic.

Kylie Jenner confirmed that the brand would be making a donation to Teen Cancer America in a video posted on her Instagram back on Aug. 10, which was her birthday. She made the video with her friend and cancer survivor Harry Hudson, who introduced her to the organization, which helps improve the lives of teens and young adults living with cancer, and bridges the gap between child and adult cancer care.

And the pledge to donate proceeds from Kylie's birthday sales wasn't just lip (kit) service. Jenner issued an update on both her Insta and the brand's Insta on Sept. 6, confirming the exact dollar amount. Kylie's empire is donating $500,000 from the sales of her limited edition 2017 Birthday Collection to the charity.

She thanked her customers for purchasing the products and thus helping her do good for this cause.

With all of the sell outs and the constant influx of new products and shades, it's refreshing to see that the makeup mogul and millionaire, who only just turned 20, remains generous.

A $500,000 donation is nothing to sneeze at. Whether you love or hate Jenner and her Lip Kits, it's pretty rad to see someone so young engage in an act of kindness.

The 2017 Birthday Collection was all about millennial pink and didn't merely beautify your features. The collection made an impact.