Stormi Is Still Opening Christmas Gifts & Don't Worry, Kylie Jenner Got It All On Camera

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Christmas in July? Psh, try Christmas in January. Despite the fact that the holiday ended weeks ago, Kylie Jenner revealed that Stormi is still opening presents in a few videos on her Instagram Stories. And making the situation all the more adorable, one of the gifts Stormi got looked just like her and her mom.

Do you think Stormi's just gotten *so* many gifts that it's taken her this long to open them all? Can you imagine committing like, several hours a day to unwrapping presents and still having things to open weeks after Christmas ended? To be fair, though, Stormi hasn't even turned 1 yet. It's not exactly easy for her to tear through wrapping paper at lightening speeds.

In actuality, the gifts that Stormi opened on Jenner's IG Stories were probably just a little belated. Better late than never, right? In the first of a few snaps, Stormi is admiring one of her presents while snuggling up with Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods. "My baby still opening Xmas presents," Jenner captioned the clip.

Gift number one was a big Barbie bust — you know, those styling heads for hair and makeup? Well, Stormi appeared to be absolutely thrilled with it. She was grinning and pointing and banging on the outside of the box with a look of pure delight on her face. "I'm expecting you to contour it just right," Woods' mom Elizabeth — who Jenner called "Auntie Liz" — told Stormi via FaceTime.

In another one of the clips, fans get to watch Stormi attempt to unearth a present from start to finish. At first, she gently works on pulling back small pieces of the gift's wrapping paper, bit by bit. How cute are her tiny hands? The cutest.

She ends up getting an assist from either Jenner or Woods, and the contents of present number two quickly become apparent. More Barbies! There's one grown-up Barbie in a doctor's coat, and another itty-bitty baby Barbie.

"That's you, Stormi!" Jenner can be heard squealing in the background. "That really is," Woods agreed. "And that's your mom," she said as she points to the grown-up Barbie in the box. It totally does resemble a platinum-blonde Jenner, by the way. Especially circa October 2018, when Jenner dressed up just like Barbie for Halloween.

You don't see much of Stormi's reaction to the Barbie duo in the clip, mainly because Jenner and Woods can't really contain their own excitement. It's pretty funny. Stormi probably loved it, though, because honestly, who wouldn't?

She might have needed a little help getting her gifts open this time around, but Stormi will have the chance to practice her unwrapping skills again super soon. In another photo on her Instagram Stories, Jenner revealed that she'd already started wrapping presents for Stormi's first birthday. "p.s. i'm already wrapping Stormi's birthday gifts i'm too excited," she captioned the clip.

Know who else is probably excited about Stormi's first birthday? All of Jenner's fans, who will likely get to watch some of her party go down on mom's social media page. And it's safe to assume that there will definitely be more Barbies in her future.