Kylie Jenner’s Photo Of Stormi & Grandma MJ Might Just Be The Cutest Baby Pic She’s Shared So Far


Ever since Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her daughter, fans have been clamoring for new photos, and the latest might actually be the best one yet. On Sunday night, Jenner shared a photo of Kris' mom, MJ Shannon, holding Stormi, and it's so precious you just might explode. In one of the pictures, Shannon is smiling as she holds Stormi in her arms, and the other is a closeup of Stormi's tight grip on Shannon's finger.

It's hard to say what the best part of these pictures is. On one hand, Shannon is constantly adorable — a fact that you're well aware of if you've watched the last season or two of Keeping Up With The Kardashians — but on the other hand, it's also impossible not to fall in love with Stormi, just based on what fans have been able to see of her so far. Together, they make an unbeatable pair.

"I mean... does it get any better than this?" Jenner captioned the photos, and it's hard to disagree with her. It's pretty cool to think that Stormi got to meet her great-grandmother, since that's something not many people get to do. And considering what a big part of Jenner's life Shannon has always been, it must be really special anytime the three of them get to spend time together.

Of course, any photo that features Shannon or Stormi is destined to be a hit, but put them both together and it's like cuteness overload. Now that Shannon has moved to Calabasas and lives closer to the family, she's been making a lot of appearances on KUWTK and seems to be way more involved in her grandkids' lives. It seems like her timing couldn't be better, since three of her granddaughters (Kim, Khloé, and Kylie) all have welcomed or will welcome a daughter in 2018. If this lady loves babies, there's no better place for her to be right now than near them. And with Kim, Kourtney, and Rob's children also around, she has to be in great-grandma heaven right about now.

And according to KUWTK, it seems like Shannon has been having a lot of adventures lately in her new condo... even if she didn't appreciate the brand new Kitchen Aid mixer that Kris supplied her with. If you're Shannon, though, what's a Kitchen Aid mixer to you? You helped start the family tree that would go on to build an empire. You don't need to cook for yourself.

These photos are also special because pictures of Stormi have been, so far, few and far between. Jenner hasn't shared too many of her daughter just yet, but let's give them some time — she's only been on Earth for a month. Also, the ones she has shared (including the one with Shannon) are amazing.

Like this one, which Jenner shared in honor of Stormi's one-month birthday. She seems to be sleeping, but she looks so cute and so cozy.

And then, there's Jenner's post where she announced Stormi's name, which simply featured part of Stormi's face and her tiny finger, grasping her mom's thumb. These two are already such a sweet mom and daughter pair, and it's going to be so excited to watch her grow up, as long as Jenner decides she wants to keep filling her fans in.

After Jenner kept everything on the down low for so long when it came to Stormi and her pregnancy, it's really nice that she's sharing moments like this one with her followers. Maybe we'll get to see Shannon and Stormi in action on the next season of KUWTK? That would definitely be a dream come true.