Once Again, Kylie Jenner’s Ring On *That* Finger Is Sparking Engagement Rumors

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott didn't liven up the Super Bowl with a "fire" proposal moment, they've still caused engagement speculation to run rampant. As Cosmopolitan reported, Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing a ring at the Super Bowl, and, yes, it was on that finger. But considering that the couple has yet to confirm any engagement news for themselves, this ring spotting may not be anything too major. (Bustle has reached out to Jenner's reps for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

On his Instagram Story on Sunday, Scott posted a photo of Jenner in her totally chic Super Bowl outfit along with a super sparkly accessory. On her ring finger, you can clearly spot a diamond ring, which understandably led some to believe that the couple got engaged. However, again, neither Scott nor Jenner have addressed the engagement rumors as of yet.

It could very well be that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star just wanted to add some bling to her game day look. After all, as any stan of the family knows, the KarJenners are big fans of everything glam. And Jenner especially has been known to wear some bling on that finger from time to time. So, since this isn't exactly the first time that one of her diamond rings has sparked engagement rumors, you may want to hold off on those "Congratulations" posts in honor of the couple.

Travis Scott/Instagram Story

Back in November of 2017, a couple of months after it was first reported that Jenner was pregnant with her first child, one of her Snapchat posts appeared to show a possible engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand. The reality star did not comment on any of the engagement speculation, which wasn't too surprising considering that she hadn't even confirmed her pregnancy at that point.

Shortly after the couple's first child, Stormi, was born in February 2018, the engagement speculation once again ramped up, all thanks to one of the new mom's Instagram posts. In March 2018, to celebrate her daughter's first birthday, Jenner posted a photo of herself holding Stormi, with what appeared to be a gold band on her ring finger. Unsurprisingly, the Life of Kylie star, once again, did not acknowledge any of the associated engagement rumors. Noticing a pattern here?

According to Cosmopolitan, there have been a slew of other interesting posts and snaps which have hinted at some engagement news, and to take it a step further, even a possible wedding. However, Scott himself stated in December 2018 that he has yet to pop the question because he's waiting for a "fire" way to propose, according to his interview with Rolling Stone.

Clearly, there have been many cases of Jenner innocently choosing to wear a piece of jewelry on her ring finger and consequently sparking up engagement rumors. Given that seemingly never-ending rumor mill, fans probably shouldn't jump to conclusions about Jenner and Scott's possible engagement based on the rapper's recent, albeit bling-filled, Super Bowl photo.