This Limited-Edition La Mer Product Is The Perfect Gift For The Skin Care-Obsessed Person In Your Life

I hate to interrupt your pumpkin spice latte break, but here's a friendly reminder: The holidays are about six weeks away, which means you should probably start shopping for gifts for your loved ones (or at the very least, start making a list). If there is a hard-to-please, skin care-obsessed person in your life, here's a free gift idea: La Mer's Limited-Edition Little Miss Miracle Crème de la Mer. It's the same luxurious, cult-classic moisturizer we all know and love, but the packaging is different from the usual white, pink, and green design elements we're used to seeing.

For this particular limited-edition jar, La Mer teamed up with the forces behind Mr. Men and Little Miss, the famous British children's book series that created iconic cartoon characters like Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Good, and Mr. Cool. They designed a new character just for La Mer named Little Miss Miracle, in honor of Dr. Max Huber (the genius inventor behind La Mer) and his signature Miracle Broth (which can be found in every single La Mer treatment). According to the brand, Little Miss Miracle's character celebrates hope, perseverance, and positivity, all of the feelings that La Mer hopes you feel when you use one of their products.

La Mer's Little Miss Miracle is all sorts of cute and adorable — she is hot pink with a big smile, a blue nose and a matching blue bow, and her shape reminds me of a sun — bold and beaming. The jar is colorful and vibrant, much like many of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, with pops of blue, turquoise, and hot pink. It is definitely going to be a standout product on anyone's vanity.

Cute packaging aside, if you are not familiar with La Mer's Créme de la Mer, it is arguably one of the most iconic skin care products out there. It was the first product Dr. Huber (an aerospace scientist) created with his nutrient-rich, cell-renewing Miracle Broth elixir. The Créme is infused with sea-sourced renewing energies (like algae extract) and is known for moisturizing, soothing, and healing any dryness on your skin. The product is so beloved, it has over 50,000 "hearts" on Sephora's website.

The limited-edition Little Miss Miracle Créme de la Mer comes in one size (60 mL) and will be available in store at all Sephora locations beginning Friday, Oct. 19. Customers can also shop the product on starting Oct.31 (via Mobile-First Access). It will then be available to purchase on beginning Nov. 12.

La Mer junkie or not, anyone who loves beauty would be thrilled to receive the limited-edition product as a gift. And who are we kidding — it's the perfect present to give yourself too! (#selfcare)