LaCroix Eye Makeup Is Going Viral & It's Beautifully Basic

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Here we are again. LaCroix-inspired hair went viral on Instagram recently after colorists were challenged to create colorful looks based on the bold cans of the soda alternative. Now, LaCroix-inspired eye makeup is looking to assert itself on the internet and it's bound to be the next viral trend.

On Nov. 17, beauty influencer Markie Meghan posted a mermaid-like, pink and purple LaCroix makeup look. The shimmery, '80s-influenced style was based on can of Berry LaCroix, since that's her fave flavor. Markie paired her ethereal, thoroughly extra eye makeup with a bold, berry-stained, matte lip. And the look was jawdropping.

The artist says she used Sigma Beauty's new Créme de Couture Pressed Color Palette to craft the bulk of this unforgettable look, but also used the brand's highlighter palette and lip color to seal the deal.

"I'm always inspired by pastels, metallics and glitters," Markie told Bustle via email. "I also love the look of the decades before us and LaCroix cans really grab most of those aesthetics. So, it was really a no brainer to match an entire look to a flavor."

LaCroix eye makeup isn't quite right for the office or even every day wear. But with the holiday season in full effect, it's certainly a trend you can pull off at any party you attend. It's the season of sparkle and you can totally go all out — and don't forget the glitter roots.

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

You can totally see the can and its wisps of color translated into eye makeup with this side-by-side comparison. It's a literal take, but in exactly the right way.

Markie was quick to point out in the comments of her Insta post that the LaCroix look was Sigma Beauty's idea, and that she simply went with it. She was also clear that this was not an ad for LaCroix. The brand was simply a source of inspo, and the look was based on another viral Internet trend aka LaCroix hair.

Will the "LaCroix Face" go big on Instagram? That remains to be seen. But people were really diggin' Markie's look.

Here is how the Internet felt about the LaCroix eye makeup look.

Fans were all about this look and showered Markie with compliments and love over her creative summit.

LaCroix smoky eyes are a lot of look, but Instagram was embracing its beauty.

This user totally gets it. The LaCroix-inspired eye makeup is meant to be dramatic and outrageous, and hardly serious.

We have to agree with this user's comment that she nailed the look.

If the comments are any indication, we have a beauty winner on our hands. Now pick up a can of the bubbly beverage and show the world your LaCroix Face.