LaCroix Just Released A Holiday Variety Pack With 3 Of Your Fave Flavors


While we were all lulled into a mashed potato slumber over the last week of Thanksgiving shenanigans, LaCroix quietly dropped what may just be the biggest news of the holiday season. Fellow drinkers of what I have affectionately dubbed "millennial juice," take note: a LaCroix holiday variety pack just hit shelves, making your fave sparkly beverage even more festive than ever. Looks like Santa's going to shimmy down a chimney to cookies and LaCroix this year, y'all.

According to LaCroix's website, the pack is available at major retailers nationwide, and should be pretty easy to spot — it comes in red holiday packaging with pink, green, and orange streaks decorated with yellow stars. Each of the packs holds 24 cans, a variety that include Cran-Raspberry, Tangerine, and Berry, which are apparently the appointed "holiday" flavors. (Guess we're going to have to wait another few years for a world bold enough for an Eggnog LaCroix, but I won't lose hope/fear.) Unsurprisingly, the whole affair is super Instagrammable, making it the ideal thing to roll up with at your friends' holiday party, or hold up and pose with your holiday manicures in front of a Christmas tree, as one does.

Behold the holiday pack in all of its majestic, jolly glory.

These aren't just pretty, but also a super practical option for people looking for nonalcoholic holiday drinks, or people looking to pace themselves at parties by double-fisting their wine and a LaCroix (I would have a degree of shame for this if I weren't gloriously hangover-free right now thanks to this very game plan). And yeah, you could just buy a case of each of these flavors independently, but would it feel half as festive as buying the shiny variety pack and slapping a bow on top?

Turns out, this isn't the only way to rep your favorite drink during the holidays. Not only can you drink holiday LaCroix, but you can hang it on your tree — Etsy seller TexasTieDyeGuy has the market cornered on adorable LaCroix ornaments, which come in all of your favorite flavors. They're perfect gift ideas for coworkers, since odds are you're all guzzling LaCroix side-by-side all day anyway, or whatever other LaCroix stans you happen to have in your life. That, or you can just treat yourself and decide that your tree is going to be as millennial as possible this year.

If you're feeling ~extra fancy~, you may even be able to craft a few of these ornaments for yourself from the holiday variety pack; I, however, am firmly in the "please do not let this woman craft, lest she accidentally set something on fire" camp, so I will just keep downing my sparkly drinks and leave the Instagram-worthy bits to the professionals. In the meantime, you can treat yourself to a LaCroix holiday pack and then check out LaCroix's Insta, where there are plenty of creative mocktail recipes at your disposal — all your holiday lunches are about to get lit.