'Ladies Of London's Annabelle Neilson Has Died At 49 & Bravo Fans Are Heartbroken

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On Monday, People reported that Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson died at the age of 49. According to the publication, details regarding Neilson's death have yet to be released. Us Weekly also reported Monday that the London Metropolitan Police said they received a phone call on July 12 to go to Neilson's home after a woman had reportedly been "found deceased at the location." The police informed Us Weekly that Neilson's death is not being treated as suspicious. (Bustle has reached out to Bravo for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.)

The reality star was known for appearing on the first two seasons of Bravo's short-lived series Ladies of London. Neilson announced her departure in November 2015 on Instagram next to a photo of herself and her dear friend Kate Moss. "Good buy [sic] to Ladies of London these are the ladies I love and are my real friends!" she wrote. "im blessed and greatfull [sic] to say fair well [sic]!! I wouldn’t say it’s been a ride, possibly a disappointment but we all make mistakes … See you on the other side out."

While chatting with Bustle in October 2015, she opened up about the "amazing" fan response she had received during Season 2: "The people that have written to me, or left me messages, have been so sweet." She also talked about her future relationships with her co-stars. "They've all surprised me," Neilson said. "I always say it takes five years before I really believe that I know a person well enough to say that this person is going to be in my life for the rest of my life."

Ladies of London fans have taken to Twitter expressing their sadness over Neilson's passing. Here are just a few of the responses:

She Will Be Missed Greatly

The News Is Beyond Sad

She Was A "Very Cool Lady"

A Fan-Favorite Forever

It's Absolutely Heartbreaking

In addition to being a Bravolebrity, Neilson was also known for her close friendship with model Moss and late designer Alexander McQueen. In fact, Neilson was also known as McQueen's "muse." In December 2015, she told the Daily Mail about Moss, "Kate is my best mate and I love her like a sister. Yes, she’s an icon but to me she’s just Kate. "

As for McQueen, who she called "Lee," she told the Daily Mail about their cherished relationship, "He understood me; we understood each other. The truth is I was happier with Lee than with anyone else. He asked me to marry him towards the end and I said no. I wish now that I had said yes."

Neilson was also the last to see McQueen before he died in February 2010. "He was my brother, my boyfriend, my soulmate," she also told the Daily Mail. "Most of the time people called me Mrs McQueen. Quite often we were sharing a bed."

In 2015, Neilson also published her first children series called The Me Me Me's, which she hoped would help children understand their feelings. "I think talking about [emotions] as early as possible is an important thing," she told Bustle in October 2015. Neilson released three books: Angry Me, Messy Me, and Dreamy Me. She told Bravo in February 2016, "I hope children will take some tools to feel free to express and talk about their feelings but also to recognize those other feelings in their peers and friends."

She continued, "I hope also for parents and older members of any family group, it will give them a fun and interesting way to talk about feelings and actions and eventually the consequences of those but also resolutions to them, which in The Me Me Me's books are helped by the character Mellow Yellow Me."

Neilson definitely made an impact in the lives of many and will be truly missed.