Lana Condor Is Nothing Like Lara Jean From ‘To All The Boys’ In The 'Deadly Class' Trailer

Looks like sweet, long-haired Lara Jean got a killer makeover. Well, sorta. In Syfy's Deadly Class trailer, Lana Condor couldn't look more different than her beloved high school character from this year's hit Netflix rom-com, To All the Boys I've Loved Before. As seen in the nearly one-minute-long teaser, which debuted at New York Comic Con on Saturday, Oct. 6, the actor sports a short, punk haircut, heavy eye makeup, a dark lip — and a seriously convincing scowl — as skilled assassin Saya Kuroki in Syfy's upcoming thriller series.

"Do you have any idea where you are?" Condor's Saya sharply asks homeless teen protagonist Marcus (played by Benjamin Wadsworth) in the latest promo for the '80s-set Deadly Class, which is scheduled to premiere January 16 at 10 p.m. ET.

Where Marcus is, according to Entertainment Tonight, is Kings Dominion, "an elite private academy where the world’s top crime families send their next generations." In the trailer, Wadsworth's character remarks: "This is insane. Did I just join a cult?"

Throughout the teaser, a partial clip of First Lady Nancy Reagan's September 1986 "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign kickoff speech is playing both on a TV, as well as in a voiceover that can be heard while images of intense fight scenes, a group of cheerleaders (one wielding a razor blade), and an Anarchist Cookbook flash on the screen.

"To the young people watching, I have a very personal message for you," says Reagan. "I've always thought a school is an environment which you can be great. There's a big wonderful world out there for you. It's exciting and stimulating. So to my young friends out there, just say no."

Actor Benedict Wong (as the school's head, Master Lin) says in the promo for the show, which is based on the a 2014 graphic novel by Rick Remender and Wes Craig: "I train creative problem solvers ... The weak do not belong in my school."

And weak, Candor's character is not. "I think Saya is in control of any situation that she puts herself in," Condor explained at the Deadly Class San Diego Comic-Con panel in July. "Which is a wonderful, powerful thing as a woman to have. I know [costar María Gabriela de Faría] and I were talking about... this whole show is very powerful for women and we are also finding our own strength preparing for it. We've been training together and boxing and just lifting weights."

In addition to Candor, Wadsworth, Wong, and de Faría, actors Luke Tennie and Liam James were also previously announced to have been cast in the series. Since then, a bunch of new characters from the comic have been added into the mix, according to Deadline:

"Isaiah Lehtinen (The Flash) is set to play Shabnam, King’s Dominion’s resident bookworm as well as Brian Posehn as metalhead Dwight Shandy. Erica Cerra (The 100, Eureka) will step into the role of Beheading 101 teacher De Luca while 3rd Rock from the Sun alum French Stewart will play unpredictable psych teacher Scorpio Slasher. Rounding out the new additions are Olivia Cheng (Warrior, Marco Polo) as the intense Master Gao, a 12th generation assassin who is considered royalty and has a special connection to Master Lin and rapping icon/actor Ice-T will make a special voiceover cameo during a wild trip the King’s Dominion crew takes."

This won't be Condor's only upcoming departure from TATBILB's Lara Jean. The 21-year-old is also set to appear in the upcoming sci-fi thriller film Warning, also per Deadline.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After all, the grittier roles are much more in line with the actor's own personal interests. "I tend to be a thriller reader," Condor said in an August interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I love adult thrillers and murder mysteries and everything like that. So on my bookshelf, I tend to have more murder mysteries than I do YA."

Regardless, it seems fans will be excited to see Deadly Class, along with whatever other new projects versatile actor has in the pipeline.