Lana Condor's Boyfriend Did Her Makeup On YouTube, And It's Honestly Not Bad

In case you're a fan of To All The Boys I Loved Before and didn't already know, Lana Condor has a YouTube channel, and it's full of quality content. In her most recent video, Condor's boyfriend does her makeup, and her reactions throughout are priceless.

The video begins with Condor explaining the challenge and introducing boyfriend Anthony De La Torre before he dives into her makeup stash — and dive in he does.

De La Torre grabs Condor's beauty sponge and foundation and begins squirting tiny dots, one by one, onto the tool before patting it onto her face in a way that, honestly, isn't that bad. "You do not even need foundation. Your skin is flawless. You have amazing, amazing skin," he says to Condor as he applies the makeup. "You are stunning naturally. You don't even need this makeup. Why are we doing this?"

But De La Torre's makeup skills get increasingly questionable as the video progresses. The actor and singer loads up an eyeshadow brush with glitter and applies it directly to Condor's lids. He then attempts to place mascara on her lashes and tries to contour her nose with the same glittery eyeshadow brush from earlier.

Not that it any of it really bothered Condor. In her final review of the look, she says, "It's not horrible."