Laura Dern’s Response To Her Dog Doppelganger Is Probably The Most Perfect Thing You’ll See All Day

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Laura Dern/Twitter

Twitter never ceases to amaze with its outlandish commentary and memeing of all things pop culture. With no one exempt from this online jesting, it's become normal for celebs to sometimes join in the conversations about themselves. Recently the subject of an adorable comparison, Laura Dern responded to her dog doppelganger with a tweet so perfect, it’ll make you want to watch Big Little Lies over and over again.

The hilarious Twitter moment happened on Tuesday, Jan. 23 when a fan posted a photo which featured an incredibly well coiffed Maltipoo, who goes by the name of Kimchee, and commented that the demure doggie bore a striking resemblance to Golden Globe-winning actor Dern. After a few hours, the post actually caught Dern's attention, causing her to question the dog's ability to command a performance in the HBO miniseries. A good sport through it all, she jokingly jumped in and asked, "Should she have played Renata in Big Little Lies?!" The moment understandably sent fans into a frenzy, as they immediately responded to Dern's hilarious reaction to the comparison.

For what it's worth, Kimchee already seems to be somewhat of a star in his own right. As a doggie fashion model and online product reviewer, Kimchee currently boasts just over 6,000 followers on Instagram — a number which is likely grow exponentially once word gets out about his bond with Dern.

The original tweet has already taken on a life of its own, and fans can't get enough of the cute comparison between Dern and Kimchee. Seemingly blown away by the resemblance, fans were quick to chime in with their thoughts on the Dern/doggie discussion.

1. Doggie Do-over

One fan has thoughts on how HBO could capitalize on the situation.

2. Renata Reenactment

Another fan just wants to see Kimchee perform a scene from Big Little Lies.

3. Actually, It's Vice Admiral Holdog

Purple hair helped to instantly transform Kimchee into Dern's Star Wars: The Last Jedi character Vice Admiral Holdo.

4. Trading Places

Pointing out another one of Dern's notable acting performances, this social media user called Kimchee "the star of Jurassic Bark."

5. Perfect Comparison

Another commenter called the moment out as the one of the best comparisons in recent memory.

6. It's A Must-See Moment

This fan used a meme of Dern to express their true feelings.

7. It's Just Too Good

The incredible comparison brought another fan to tears.

8. Jaws Dropped

The incident caused another Twitter user to react with extreme surprise.

9. You Can't Get Enough

Meanwhile, this fan can't seem get over just how uncanny the resemblance is.

10. Cool Competition

Another commenter jokes that Kimchee could quite possibly give Dern a run for her money as a Big Little Lies star.

11. Patch Makes Perfect

Meanwhile, this fan feels that one small accessory could turn Kimchee into Renata in no time flat.

Initially set as a one-season event, it was recently announced that Big Little Lies is returning to HBO for Season 2. As a huge success in its first run, Big Little Lies received critical acclaim and garnered 16 Emmy Award nominations with eight wins, including Outstanding Limited Series. Among those awards, Dern took home the trophy for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her exceptional portrayal of the villainous and slightly obnoxious mother, wife, and Silicon Valley executive Renata Klein.


Shortly after accepting the award, Dern notably gave thanks to those who came together to create an amazing project featuring the lives of "dynamic women," such as Renata. According to Variety, Dern spoke to reporters backstage, explaining:

“The show was delicious and fun to get inside of for so many people, but also it was speaking directly about being true to your voice and standing up for yourself, and I feel very proud to be a part of a group of women getting to tell that story right now.”

With remarkable talent and poise already unmistakable factors of her success in Hollywood, Dern's recent participation in Twitter's dog meme only helps solidify her in a class all her own.