LEGO Is Releasing A Disney Train & Station Set Based Off The Actual Parks

As Disney lovers well know, the classic Disney train station located in both Disney World and Disneyland is an iconic landmark of the parks. Nestled on Main Street, USA in both the California and Florida Disney parks, Disney's train is a beloved attraction, and its recognizable design could be spotted by Disney lovers a mile away. Well, in case you've ever wanted a miniature replica of this Disney park staple to grace your home, LEGO is dropping a Disney train and station kit so you can recreate the magic of the Disney park locomotive plastic brick by plastic brick — and it's actually really charming.

Here are the deets: The kit, which is an official LEGO/Disney collaboration, is comprised of a whopping nearly 3,000 pieces (this is straight-up jigsaw puzzle status), so I presume it'll keep even advanced LEGO builders occupied for a good, solid while. It includes pieces to build everything we love about the Disney train and station: The iconic train station building, the winding train tracks, plus the cute lil' choo-choo train itself, which includes a locomotive, tender, passenger car, and a fancy parlor car (all of which connect magnetically, so you can decide how long or short you want your train to be as it moves over the track).

And of course, I'd be remiss if I forgot to mention that it includes a whole line-up of our favorite Disney characters in uniquely designed LEGO minifigure form, too: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale and Goofy are all part of the Disney train and station LEGO crew. Actually, on that note, can I just quickly interrupt myself to note how freaking cute this little Minnie Mouse LEGO baby is? I'm actually obsessed, and her presence alone is worth the $329.99 price tag.

Just kidding, that price tag would be awfully steep for a single LEGO minifigure, regardless of its absolute cuteness level — but considering how much more you actually get for the price, it's reasonable.

So let's explore the contents of this magical, Disney-full LEGO dream set. The train station building replica, based entirely on the Main Street, USA station (there are several stations within each Disney park), apparently features all the amenities you'd expect from a train station, plus more — a ticket counter, a cafe, adorably quaint brick-style walls, two Disney flags flying atop the building's towers. Plus other tiny, precious details, such as ornate red window drapes, a wall clock, a chandelier, and something that refers to repeatedly as "a little LEGO Disney surprise," which I have absolutely no idea how interpret but surely sounds fun, mysterious, and exciting.

The train cars themselves are also preciously miniature and adorable. The locomotive has everything you'd expect, from the big red wheels to the train conductor's seat, while the tender boasts the train's motor. The passenger car has plenty of space for seating the Disney minifigures, and the ultra-cute parlor car opens up to reveal an ornately decorated interior, complete with a dining table, armchair, and tea set.

And if you — like myself — were under the impression that LEGO sets were still a low-tech, old school, screen-free way to have fun, think again: Not only is this baby motorized, but it also has a built-in app functionality that allows you to control the train's movements and sounds from the palm of your hands using your smart devices. "Use a smart phone or tablet to drive the locomotive forward, reverse and emit realistic sound effects," explained LEGO on the product's description. Ah, I remember the days when Lego sets involved nothin' but little chunks of ridged plastic. How far we've come.

The set will be available online for purchase on Sep. 1, but if you're totally fiending to get your hands on it, you can add it to your wishlist on the LEGO site right now. And if you're fixin' to get your Disney/LEGO collab build on sooner than Labor Day weekend, might I suggest you take a stab at LEGO's Disney Magic Castle kit in the meantime? You're welcome.