You Can Relax Now, Because There's Proof Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Haven't Broken Up

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Earlier this week, the tabloids started reporting that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up, but it seems like this is news to the couple. On Thursday, as the rumors of a breakup started taking over the internet, Hemsworth shut down any breakup reports via his Instagram. The actor and his fiancée were broadcasting live on Instagram as proof that they were still very much together — and he's got the pranks to prove it.

On Thursday, Hemsworth's Instagram Story featured him and Cyrus riding in a car together and listening to music. Cyrus stares straight at the camera dancing and wagging her finger "no." (Perhaps a message to fans who were worried over her relationship status.) But, in the midst of this video shoot, Hemsworth screams, making it seem like he lost control of the vehicle. surprising Cyrus, and likely those watching.

But, instead of driving into an impending disaster, it was just a prank. In the video, Cyrus responded by telling her fiancé that she was going to "beat the sh-," a sentence she never actually finishes, but it's clear where it was headed. Of course, that is definitely not a sign of any trouble in paradise, just another example of how good Hemsworth is at scaring the woman he loves.

This isn't the first time Hemsworth has scared the "sh-" out of the singer on his Instagram Stories. Back in May, Hemsworth scared the hell out of Cyrus by screaming "boo" when she opened the door. "She love[s] when I do this,” Hemsworth said in the video, as reported by Teen Vogue. Of course, the truth is that Cyrus really, really doesn't love it at all. “I hate you! I’m gonna cry!” she said with her hands covering her face.

It's also likely why he flexes his muscles in this InstaStory and screams "number one," to let everyone know his scare status. While it's not particularly very nice — or, let's be honest, very safe — this latest scare is clearly not a reason to call off an entire engagement, so it's safe to assume everything is all good with these two despite recent reports.

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Earlier this week, Cyrus deleted her Instagram photos, leading some to worry that it was a sign she had broken things off with Hemsworth. Of course, fans who had already lived through the couple's first breakup in 2012 hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst: that Cyrus and Hemsworth, who reunited in 2016, had called it quits again. But now those fans can breathe easy: the two are clearly together from the looks of this Instagram Story. It turns out that the fact that Hemsworth's Instagram still featured photos of Cyrus might have been a clue that things were A-OK with these two.

It's now becoming safe to assume that Cyrus wiped her account clean to gear up for a big announcement. After all, the old "delete your Instagram before dropping a new project" strategy is nothing new. Last year, Taylor Swift deleted all of her Instagram photos before teasing new music. More recently, Blake Lively deleted all of her Instagram photos to promote her upcoming movie A Simple Favor. Cyrus might just be the latest to tease fans with an empty Instagram account. Us Weekly reported earlier this month that Cyrus has been working on new music, so maybe keep an eye and an ear out for something to drop real soon.

Still, The Daily Mail reported on July 18 that Cyrus and Hemsworth had called off their wedding, according to an unnamed "insider" who claimed that Hemsworth wanted to become a dad, but Cyrus wasn't ready to settle down. "Miley put off plans for the wedding and Liam was growing tired of it," the report said. "They haven't been getting along in recent months."

Huh, really? Hemsworth's Instagram video could have fooled us. Turns out, there's no need to heartbrokenly cry through The Last Song, fans can watch it knowing these two are still going strong and yes, Hemsworth is still the number one prankster in Cyrus' life.