Lili Reinheart Created A MASSIVE Shark Bite On Madelaine Petsch's Leg Using Only FX Makeup

If you think that the cast of Riverdale is good on-screen, just wait until you see their talent off-screen. Lili Reinhart created an FX makeup shark bite on Madelaine Petsch's leg in honor of upcoming Shark Week. She walks fans through step-by-step and even gives some tips for if you're looking to recreate the look.

As you might already know, Reinhart is extremely talented when it comes to quirky makeup. She's created tons of different cosplay looks and FX makeup in the past. But this time, instead of doing the beauty design on herself, she decided to team up with her co-star to fake a shark bite on her leg.

While it's not exactly the makeup tutorial that fans are used to seeing on Petsch's channel, this one was pretty epic. Reinhart uses four different FX makeup products to make it look like Petsch had a chunk of skin missing from her leg.

Honestly, if she were to go out in public with this on her leg, it would attract some major attention. She doesn't show it off for the public, but the women did come up with a backstory to explain it. Because a good FX makeup look is nothing without dedication.

Reinhart starts out by using an FX wax to mold the shape of the bites. After that, she uses a combination of 3rd Degree and tissue, which is a silicone mold that adds texture; the Skin Illustrator palette, which they use to cover tattoos on set; and the Ben Nye Color Wheel to get the right color. She also adds some fake blood at the end to really bring the shark bite to real life.

The video shares some tips along the way, too. You know, how to rip the tissue and place it to make it look realistic and how to place the colors. The two even share the final step of the process — removing it.

"The first thing Lili said to me when she walked in today was, 'You don't have any events coming up, do you? ... Blood might stain you,'" says Petsch in the video.

Thankfully, the shark bite didn't stain Petsch's leg. She used an FX spatula to scrap off the silicone, and then rubbed her leg down with olive oil. Although it took a while — and a whole lot of scrubbing — Petsch got it all off.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This isn't the first time that the two have teamed up for a major moment, either. Reinhart saved the day sartorially at the MTV Movie & TV Awards when Petsch's dress was in danger of exposing her backside. According to the Riverdale star's Instagram, Reinhart found safety pins and strategically placed them so that Petsch didn't have a wardrobe malfunction. The two even reference the moment in the YouTube video.

"Little does this Madelaine know that in 2 and a half hours @lilireinhart would be safety pinning the bottom half of her dress so her butt doesn't become exposed to the world," Petsch's Instagram caption reads.

But this time was all about the makeup, which is a bond that the two women share. The co-stars also says that they bonded over jewelry-making together after Season 1. Neither showed what the end result was, but fingers crossed that it's the next YouTube collab. If not, the two promised to have a Halloween makeup tutorial up on the channel come this fall.

It sounds like Reinhart can pretty much do it all. From saving the day on wardrobe malfunctions to creating killer cosplay looks, this is one friend that you definitely want to have around.