Lime Crime's Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette Is Coming

Calling all mermaids on land — there's a new highlighter on its way that was made just for you. Straight from one of everyone's favorite niche beauty companies, Lime Crime's Mermaids Hi-Lite highlighter palette is officially happening and it's pearlescent perfection.

The highlighter palette includes three different shades of Hi-Lite: lavender, ivory, and seafoam blue-green. While the ivory shade has more of a natural finish with a hint of gold, the lavender and seafoam blue-green are a tad more wild — perfect for showing off your inner mermaid without actually wearing a fin and a seashell bra. That said, they're still sheer, so they're not too pigmented to wear IRL.

Plus, the packaging is just as pretty as the product. The palette is an iridescent green and each one has a shell, a bubble, and a fin etched on the inside in metallic pink for an extra under-the-sea touch.

For now, the palette is up on Lime Crime's website, but it's not for sale just yet (no word on when it will be available to add to your collection). However, what you can do is add your name to the list to be notified when it does finally come out, and not a minute too soon. It'll go for $38 when it does drop anchor.

Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette

Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette, $38, Lime Crime

The perfect addition to any vanity or cosmetics bag. Here's what the swatches look like.

So pretty. And if you simply can't wait, you can still scoop up one of Lime Crime's other two Hi-Lite palettes right now.

Blossoms Hi-Lite Palette

Blossoms Hi-Lite Palette, $38, Revolve

The flower-child friendly hues in this palette are warm gold, lavender, and sunset.

Opals Hi-Lite Palette

Opals Hi-Lite Palette, $38, Dermstore

This one has classic pink, gold, and peach hues for a more traditional (but still radiant) highlighter bundle.