HUDA Beauty's 3D Highlighter Palette Is Coming Soon

There's no denying that Instagram beauty gurus have taken over, and it's hard to argue that point when you look at makeup artist Huda Kattan. The Instagram star took her talents and crafted an incredible brand, and now the HUDA Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette is coming out, and it's only going to elevate her brand's position as top-notch company with incredible products even higher.

The highlighting palette debuted only a few weeks ago, but the hype over the palette has been real. It's unique formula took Kattan 18 months to craft, and unlike typical highlighting palettes composed of only differently hued highlighters, the 3D Highlighter palette is meant to craft a glow that melts perfectly into the skin. If a perfectly seamless, melted look sounds perfect, according to TrendMood, fans of Kattan and her brand will be able to get the HUDA Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette April 17. That means fans don't even have a month left until they can snag the palette!

The news that the palette is set to debut soon is sure to have lovers of the brand hyped, too. After all, Kattan's Rose Gold eyeshadow palette was one of the biggest launches of 2016. Now, she's starting 2017 off with a bang thanks to the gorgeous new highlighter palette, and it's unique design.

What separates the palette from others? It's crafted so that all four shades in the palette are used together to create what Kattan calls the Melted Strobe. Using the palette, customers will prep, set, sculpt, and flush. Essentially, Kattan has crafted a highlighter palette that acts as an all in one cheek look by giving a stunning glow, sculpting the cheek, and adding a bit of a flush.

While the palette is meant to be used to create Kattan's "Melted Strobe" effect, for those looking for a more dramatic highlight, the prep and set steps can also be used on their own to create a classic highlight.

HUDA Bueaty

No matter how fans of Kattan's may choose to use the palette, though, they can now set their calendars for the launch. If history repeats itself, this beauty is sure to be as popular as the brand's Rose Gold palette. Act fast, fans. This beauty will sell out quick.