Lindsay Lohan's Role In 'Sick Note' Will Remind You Of 'Mean Girls' In The Best Way


Part of the beauty of Netflix is the ability not only being able to marathon your favorite shows over and over, but also being introduced to series you otherwise may have never heard of — or been able to legally watch. For instance, without Netflix, Americans and those outside of England may have never known that Lindsay Lohan's first major TV role was in a recent British comedy called Sick Note. After airing on UK channel Sky One, Seasons 1 and 2 of the series both debut on Netflix Nov. 23. Lindsay Lohan's Sick Note character joins in the latter season, showing the Mean Girls star wiping the metaphorical dust off of the comedic talents that brought her early success.

Lohan's character, Katerina West, is a new addition to the world of Sick Note at the beginning of Season 2, replacing one of the first season's central figures. Katerina is the daughter of Kenny West (Don Johnson), the domineering boss of leading man Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint). Katerina steps in to replace her father after some unfortunate events befall Kenny and remove him from any sort of working capacity — specifically, suicide. While things look like they'll get easier for Glass following his boss's untimely demise, Katerina quickly proves herself to be just as unpredictable as her father, albeit with a very different energy.

Where Kenny was a greedy and profane man prone to emotional outbursts, Katerina is more calm and collected — although early signs indicate that she hasn't reached a state of zen so much as she has managed to mask inner outrage with a veil of serenity. Katerina shifts suddenly from friendly to menacing, and performs breathing exercises whenever she hears bad news, indicating that she's a ticking time bomb that could go off at any moment — and Daniel could get caught in the explosion.

While Sick Note's humor is similar to the kind featured in Lohan's most well-known films like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, there's an interesting distinction between Katrina and the characters she played in her early career. Sick Note uses Lohan as a supporting role, which allows her to stretch different comedic muscles than she has when she's been the star. Instead of just reacting to strange and absurd things happening around her, Sick Note gives Lohan the opportunity to be absurd, from suddenly launching into impressions of her father to explaining to her coworkers that she does, in fact, breastfeed monkeys.

While Lindsay may be more infamous than famous in some ways, her performance in Sick Note serves as a welcome reminder why audiences fell in love with her in the first place: she's really funny. Sick Note may not end up being a major blockbuster series that will have everyone talking, but it could mark the beginning of a Lohanissance that sees the actress returning to the type of roles that brought her initial success, and Katerina West is a perfect start for a new phase in Lohan's career.