You'll Want To Put The 'Riverdale' Musical Soundtrack On Repeat After The Melodic Episode

Katie Yu/The CW

Riverdale has always been rooted in music in one way or another, and it's reaching a new melodic peak in the episode "Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember." Riverdale's rendition of Carrie: The Musical will likely get stuck in the heads of a few listeners, but will fans be able to listen to or stream Riverdale's Carrie songs once the episode ends? Judging by the show's history of making Riverdale songs and covers available for purchase, it'd be surprising if the show didn't find a way to get these tracks into the ears of Riverdale fans.

UPDATE: You can now stream the songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud or buy them on iTunes.

EARLIER: While Archie Andrews has set aside an attempt at a musical career to become the accomplice to Hiram Lodge's criminal activities, it seems that he and the rest of the Riverdale High squad managed to find time to rehearse and perform a rendition of the infamous 1988 musical. The episode promises a whopping 11 songs, per Variety, performed by many of the Riverdale regular singers — aside from student journalist Jughead Jones who seems to be taking a step back from the show and opting instead to document the production.

Fans hoping to include the songs in their musical theater playlists will want to keep an eye on any digital music retailer or streaming service in the days following the episode, since Riverdale has been regularly updating iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play with new tracks from the Riverdale cast.

If you look up "Riverdale Cast" on any major digital music distributor or streaming service, you'll find that Riverdale has already been releasing the audio for the show's covers for the entire shows run, from the updated take on "Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar)" to the show's more recent cover of "That Donnie Darko Song You Love," also known as "Mad World." With the episode premiering covers of 11 whole songs, fans should keep an eye out for an entire album worth of new Riverdale covers to hit their music library, or at least included on a compilation of all the original songs featured in Season 2 of Riverdale.

Should fans want to revisit the songs of Carrie: The Musical before the Riverdale renditions become available online, however, there's always the option of listening to the original cast recording from the 2012 Off-Broadway Production. Riverdale fans can familiarize themselves with the Off-Broadway renditions of the Carrie tunes such as opening number "In," the mother-daughter duet "I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance," and the show's titular theme "Carrie." The recording is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

However, Riverdale will be whittling the number of songs featured in its production of Carrie from 24 in the cast recording down to 11 for Riverdale's rendition, meaning that not every Carrie: The Musical song will be getting Riverdale-d. Depending on the popularity of the episode, there may be a demand for a full-length cover of Carrie done by the Riverdale cast.

Katie Yu/The CW

While the Riverdale High School production of Carrie: The Musical is cause for excitement, there will be much more to "Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember" than musical numbers. The town of Riverdale unfortunately can't put their dangerous culture of crime on pause just because there is a show-stopping musical going on. The musical will end in a bucket of pig's blood, but the town of Riverdale could find themselves dealing with real blood should the conflict between the Andrews, the Lodges, the Coopers and the rest of Riverdale come to a head.

But, while there will surely be some big twists included in this "Night To Remember," a Riverdale cast recording will allow fans to enjoy the episode's showtunes without having to try and figure out what Chic Cooper is up to — because honestly who even knows?