Little Debbie's New Shimmering Mermaid Cakes Have Been Spotted On Shelves

There are a lot of limited edition snacks that grace grocery shelves, but some of them are more worth scrambling for than others. That said, the latest limited edition treat is one you absolutely, cannot miss. Little Debbie's new Shimmering Mermaid Cakes have been spotted on shelves and posted to Instagram, and they look like a limited edition treat that is truly a treasure. So ~treasure~ it while it lasts.

Pumpkin spice somethings might have started being released into the wild — we are the wild — but fall can wait its turn. It's still summer. And that means all things beach and ocean related prevail. This is the perfect time to soak in the majesty of mermaid cakes. Thankfully, it seems that Little Debbie's thinks so too.

The cakes, which have popped up on two Instagram posts — one by hex_snacks, and the other by atomicbald — are rectangular, and feature two layers of white cake separated by a "fun purple creme filling," according to the box's description. The cakes are covered in white icing, topped with a multi-colored "shimmer," complete with a pale green glaze drizzled over. According to the both posts, the new limited edition box of eight cakes can be found at Dollar General stores; according to the image from hex_snacks, it appears they'll retail for $2 each. In a fantastical kind of way, it looks exactly like what a mermaid might order to celebrate their birthday, or eat for breakfast under the sea.

Customers are taking to Instagram to share their enthusiasm for the new treat from Little Debbie's. One Instagrammer writes, "Omg what eye-catching beauty right here!" Another customer shares, "I love it! The colors are adorable and the shape makes these very snackable!" Most Instagrammers who have spotted the new Shimmering Mermaid Cakes share that they've found them at Dollar General and that the supply is very limited. Run, don't swim to your local store to pick up a box of your own!

This isn't the only under-the-sea themed snack we'll have to enjoy beachside this summer, however. Mermaids are shimmering and magical and they're making quite a ~splash~ as a summer snack trend around the world. If you happen to be on summer vacation in the UK, you might stumble across Nestlé's Mermaid Edition Smarties. The Mermaid Edition Smarties are pink and yellow.

That's not the only awesome snack to get an aquatic makeover this summer. Kellogg's cereal is taking a dip in the deep end too. You know that song you can't get out of your head? Baby Shark? It's a cereal now! Kellogg's Limited Edition Berry Fin-tastic Baby Shark cereal is hitting shelves and also, honestly, everybody's pantry. Because how can you resist a bowl of cereal you can sing along to? Doo doo doo doo doo.

If mermaids and baby sharks aren't your thing, you can still enjoy multicolored magic on the prong end of the fork. Unicorns will never stray from snack trends. This summer Walmart has released a Unicorn Ice Cream Cake that is truly a colorful feat. All colors of the rainbow are featured and then some other neon colors you might not have known to exist before this dessert.

Summer is the time to snack. Especially when our favorite brands are getting a mermaid makeover. Take your Little Debbie's Shimmering Mermaid Cakes to the beach for the ultimate marine experience.